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Graceborne Mod Ports the World of Bloodborne Into Elden Ring

Experience the Hunt in the Lands Between as the new Graceborne mod allows you to overhaul the world of Elden Ring with Bloodborne content.
Graceborne Mod Ports the World of Bloodborne Into Elden Ring
FromSoftware / corvianNoctis

With Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree making waves as arguably one of the best releases of this year, I, along with many others, have felt a familiar itch for Bloodborne. While rumors of a Bloodborne PC port or remake remain speculative, there is a way to scratch that itch by bringing the world of Yharnam into The Lands Between.

Enter the Graceborne mod, a newly developed overhaul mod for Elden Ring that injects Bloodborne-inspired aesthetics, mechanics, and even bosses into the game. If you're excited to see what it's all about and possibly give it a try, you're in luck—we have all the details surrounding the Graceborne mod below.

Experience the World of Bloodborne in Elden Ring With the New Graceborne Mod

Over on Nexusmods, a brand new mod called Graceborne has been released by a user named corvianNoctis. Although it's still in its early stages (released on June 19, 2024), it shows a lot of promise. Cosmetically, several characters in Elden Ring have been redesigned for Graceborne, including our character, the Tarnished, who is now reborn as Bloodborne's Hunter.

Elden Ring Graceborne Mod Details and changes
The Graceborne mod overhauls both the cosmetics but also the mechanics of Elden Ring, turning it into a darker, more gruesome experience. (Picture: FromSoftware / corvianNoctis)

But the changes go beyond mere cosmetics. This mod adds Bloodborne's gun-parrying and quick-step abilities while also reworking the main character's healing mechanics. Players now have access to 22 sets of armor, 35 weapons, 17 trick weapons, and five firearms, all inspired by Bloodborne and featuring the dark, dreary aesthetic we expect.

Based on the trailer, there are also redesigns for bosses, and it seems their abilities have been adjusted to match the Bloodborne aesthetic. Although corvianNoctis hasn't provided a timetable for when Graceborne will be completed, it's already gaining popularity on Nexus Mods, with over 3.5k unique downloads at the time of writing.

Elden Ring Graceborne Mod Details Bosses and more changes
The mod is still quite early in its development, but the support seems steady, so it will likely only improve in the future if it continues to receive support and player feedback. (Picture: FromSoftware / corvianNoctis)

Of course, the mod isn't perfect and does have a few bugs and errors, but that's to be expected and will likely be patched in the future if it garners more success. Despite these minor issues, it's still quite polished, well-made, and worth a try if you're looking for something new to do in the Lands Between. Perhaps this mod will also show Sony and FromSoftware just how strong the desire is for a Bloodborne remake or PC port in the future.