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Thrusting Shield Nerf Imminent as Fans Steamroll Shadow of the Erdtree Bosses

These weapons are due for a nerf as Elden Ring players discover the insane OP capabilities of the Thrusting Shields in Shadow of The Erdtree.
Thrusting Shield Nerf Imminent as Fans Steamroll Shadow of the Erdtree Bosses

Shadow of The Erdtree was initially considered extremely challenging, even receiving mixed reviews on Steam as players found it too difficult. However, the tables have turned as players have discovered a pair of weapons that can easily dominate most of the game's enemies and even bosses.

These weapons, known as Thrusting Shields, have significantly altered the difficulty complaints as players find more effective ways to tackle the game's challenges. However, their immense power has led many to expect a nerf soon. Before that happens, let's dive into the details of these weapons and how they work as enemy melters.

Thrusting Shield Nerf Imminent as Fans Steamroll Shadow of the Erdtree Bosses Using Them

As we've discussed, players have discovered the next and best way to cheese even the toughest enemies in Shadow of The Erdtree by using Thrusting Shields. One in particular, the Carian Thrusting Shield, is a favorite. When leveled up and equipped with an Ash of War, it becomes a formidable weapon, allowing you to drain enemies' health pools with ease.

The strategy, as showcased by YouTuber Scott Jund, involves two-handing the shield and spamming light attacks while blocking. Scott demonstrates this by holding the block button and repeatedly hitting the attack button, effectively winning his fights.

Another Twitter user (shown above) highlighted the power of these shields, showing their build deleting Rellana while barely losing half of their health. They commented (translated) "[Nerf inevitable]," which makes sense considering how these shields remove much of the "challenge" aspect of the DLC. With plenty of stamina, a tanky build, and a bleed affinity, it's a breeze to use these shields effectively.

Thrusting Shields Bound To Get Nerfed
These Thrusting Shields can make quick work of most enemies in the game, and while they will likely get nerfed, they are a ton of fun right now. (Picture: Shane / FromSoftware)

However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try them out before they're nerfed. FromSoftware is likely to address this in the following weeks or with the next patch. Thankfully, we have a guide right here on how to get both Thrusting Shields in Shadow of The Erdtree, so you can give it a go yourself and shield bash your way through the Land of Shadow if you're feeling like bullying some bosses.