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ESO Allliance Points: Best Farming Locations & How To Use

Alliance Points are essential to PvP activities as they can boost your ranks and buy items, so here's everything about Alliance Points in ESO.
ESO Allliance Points: Best Farming Locations & How To Use

Alliances in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are the main factions that play an important role in the game’s storyline, specifically, the Alliance War (or Three Banners War). All this conflict between the three factions took place in Cyrodiil's Imperial City, also the primary location for PvP combat.

This makes Alliance Points extremely valuable as they can aid you with progressing your Alliance ranking and, in turn, be used as in-game currency. This guide explains what Alliance Points are, how to use them, and the best farming locations for Alliance Points in ESO.

What Are Alliance Points In The Elder Scrolls Online?

Alliance Points (AP) are a unique currency used in the Cyrodiil zone acquired from PvP activities. The latter zone plays a massive role in the main narrative of ESO, being the central location of the Alliance War between the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact alliances in Tamriel and where the Ruby Throne resides.

elder scrolls online pvp guide alliances alliance points explained cyrodiil imperial city udner siege
Alliance Points can be earned by completing various PvP activities in the Imperial City, Cyrodiil. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Alliance Points are pivotal for PvP activities as you can earn AP by doing quests, eliminating players, and other PvP tasks. This helps you level up your PvP ranking and its associated Alliance War Skill Lines, which progression can be boosted using War Tortes.

There are different types of War Tortes to boost the Alliance War Skill Lines, like the Colovian, Molten, and White-Gold War Tortes. The Colovian is by far the most accessible to acquire. Its recipe is found at crafting nodes in Cyrodiil, which, should it spawn, will have a green glow when harvesting and the recipe is yours.

Once consumed, it grants you a bonus of 50% XP towards your Alliance rank and Skill Lines from all sources for a half hour which can be active along with other food and drink buffs. Nevertheless, consuming multiple Tortes won’t stack its effects, but you will need the Recipe Improvement Passive at Rank 6 and Recipe Quality Passive at Rank 4, which allows you to use Legendary Recipes.

How To Use Alliance Points In The Elder Scrolls Online?

We’ve previously mentioned that Alliance Points are an in-game currency mainly used for PvP, aside from boosting your PvP ranking. Therefore, it can be used to purchase various items from Siege Merchants, War Researchers, and Elite Gear vendors; however, you can buy items from the Golden vendor herself, Adhazabi Aba-daro, at any Alliance location.

elder scrolls online pvp guide alliances alliance points how to use golden vendor adhazabi aba daro
Players can also spend Alliance Points when visiting the Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro, at any Alliance gate in Cyrodiil. (Picture: Twitter / The Elder Scrolls Online)

Some items you can buy from these vendors include food, potions, furnishings, and Siege weapons. Likewise, repair kits, style materials, collectibles, and item boxes can also be obtained, with the latter granting you one random item to obtain.

Best Farming Methods To Gain More Alliance Points In The Elder Scrolls Online

As you are required to participate in various PvP activities to earn Alliance Points, there is a way to accumulate more AP easier. The Battlegrounds are shorter PvP activities in which three teams of four players battle in arena-type matches to complete various objectives by meeting the point limit or accumulating the most points when the match ends.

The Battlegrounds is great for players who wish to complete PvP encounters solo or if your friends aren’t online to farm AP. There are Battleground Dailies and repeatable Battlegrounds quests, which you can earn AP after speaking with Battlemaster Rivyn, including Let the Games Begin, To the Victor, and Test of Mettle to complete.

You can also clear out the delves and defeat the boss in Cyrodiil to farm AP, which with the Colovian War Torte active, you’ll be able to double your Alliance XP and boost your Alliance Skill Lines. We advise locating the delves nearest to your Alliance’s main gates, as you will come into contact with enemy players in this location.