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Where To Get & Use Archival Fortunes In ESO

Adventure into the Endless Archive, defeat bosses and enemy waves to earn a unique currency, Archival Fortunes, in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Where To Get & Use Archival Fortunes In ESO
(PIcture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 40 will see players venturing to the Endless Archive, a section within a great library in Apocrypha that’s plagued by a “malicious force.” With its “labyrinthian halls,” multiple corridors and pathways, and secret portals, the once peaceful library is now home to enemies and bosses brought here and attacking all who explore the archive.

Those brave enough to journey the Endless Archive can be rewarded handsomely, including Archival Fortunes used to acquire unique items. We’ve done the exploring for players as we detailed how to get and best use Archival Fortunes in The Elder Scrolls Online.

How To Get Archival Fortunes In ESO?

elder scrolls online currency guide archival fortunes how to get exploring boss encounter cycles arc
Explore the Endless Archive and complete a Cycle, Arc, and bonus boss encounters to earn Archival Fortunes. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The Endless Archive is a new dungeon-like arena experience coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in Update 40. The update, which is arriving on PC on 30th October 2023 and console on 14th November 2023, will see players exploring the depths of the Endless Archive and defeating the endless waves of enemies.

Additionally, some portals can be discovered as they continue venturing into the Endless Archive, and exploring these portals and the archive itself can be rewarding. This is how players can find and earn Archival Fortunes, a new currency only limited to the Endless Archive, which are contained inside Muniment Chests.

These chests holding Archival Fortunes and other rewards appear after every Cycle and Arc and can be looted after the bonus boss encounter, so players are to open every Muniment Chest they find. Another way to get Archival Fortunes is for ESO+ subscribers, as they’ll receive a 10% bonus of Archival Fortunes, which can be extremely useful for acquiring various items inside the Endless Archive.

How To Use Archival Fortunes In ESO?

elder scrolls online currency guide archival fortunes how to use spend watchling merchants filer ool tezurs
Players can use the Archival Fortunes earned and trade them for various items with the two merchants found at the Index Chamber. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

As for what the Archival Fortunes can be used for, there are a few ways it can be used for or against, but remember, it’s limited to the Endless Archive. There are two archive merchants that can be found at the Index Chamber, Filers Tezurs and Ool, who have items to trade with Archival Fortunes.

Filer Ool’s merchant store refreshes weekly as the Watchling offers unique items, including Antiquity Leads, style pages, Companion Equipment, Lorebook furnishings, and various fragments. Filer Tezurs, however, provides support items to help players continue their explorations of the Archival Fortunes.

These items that can be traded for Archival Fortunes include Mystery Verse scrolls, Item Class Set boxes, a Gold Lockbox, and various boxes and sacks containing crafting materials. It’s also possible that Filer Tezurs may also have furnishing pages and additional support items like permanent upgrades that will make their time in the Endless Archive and completing an Arc much easier.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, Mac, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. Players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide as Update 40 releases for Mac and PC on 30th October 2023.