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ESO: Necrom Housing: Where To Find Journey's End Lodgings

With two more housing options on the market in Necrom, here's how to acquire the Journey's End Lodgings home in ESO: Necrom.
ESO: Necrom Housing: Where To Find Journey's End Lodgings

The Housing system for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) allows players to acquire in-game properties throughout Tamriel. With dozens of homes and rooms available to purchase with Gold, these housing options range in size and your player's needs.

The Necrom chapter adds two new homes, the Emissary's Enclave and Journey's End Lodgings, located in the Telvanni Peninsula. But how does one find and acquire Journey's End Lodgings? If you're looking for your next home, continue reading this guide as we explain how to find and acquire the Journey's End Lodgings in ESO: Necrom.

ESO: Necrom Housing: Journey's End Lodgings Location

The Journey's End Lodgings is one of the new Housing options for players to acquire with the Necrom chapter. This housing option can be a good acquisition for those looking to make Necrom without splurging on more expensive homes like the Emissary's Enclave, which is going for 1.3 million Gold.

elder scrolls online necrom housing guide journeys end lodgings how where to find mourners solace inn
You'll need to complete the "Room to Space" quest to obtain the Journey's End Lodgings. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

The Journey's End Lodgings (and the aforementioned Emissary's Enclave) is located in the Telvanni Peninsula, specifically in Necrom City. You can either start from the Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine and make your way to the Necrom City gates or travel directly to the Necrom Wayshrine, which is the closest.

From the Necrom Wayshrine, go east, heading toward the city square as you look for the Mourner's Solace Inn to your right. Enter this establishment, head up the western staircase, and locate the second door on your left for the Journey's End Lodgings, where you can preview this room.

How To Get Journey's End Lodgings In ESO: Necrom

If you want to add the Journey's End Lodgings to your property portfolio, you will need some Gold and a specifically linked quest. Regardless of which faction you choose, when arriving in your starting location, you can pick up a side quest, Room to Spare.

elder scrolls online necrom housing guide journeys end lodgings map location mourners solace inn
Find the Journey's End Lodgings when visiting Mourner's Solace Inn to acquire it. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

After you've located the quest giver, complete the dialogue options to complete this vital side quest which allows you to purchase certain homes throughout Tamriel. With the deed to your first home in your possession, you can head to Necrom City and return to Mourner's Solace Inn.

Once inside the establishment, find the Journey's End Lodgings, for which purchasing this home will grant you the title deed to Journey's End Lodgings. You can begin decorating your new home with various furnishings, and additionally, this reportedly unlocks the Necrom Tenant Achievement for owning a home in Necrom.