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ESO Necrom Chapter: New Housing, Furniture & Achievements

Decorate your home with these new housing and furnishing items from Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula in ESO: Necrom chapter.
ESO Necrom Chapter: New Housing, Furniture & Achievements

While researching or exploring Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula, you can encounter unique blueprints and furnishings to enhance your home. These items can be discovered throughout the world from chests and containers, monsters, and vendors that can be placed or crafted at one of the various workbenches.

Additionally, acquiring these gorgeous housing and furniture items can unlock achievements you can earn in-game. That said, we’ll highlight some of the exciting homes and furniture added and detail all the achievements to earn in ESO: Necrom chapter.

New Housing & Furnishings Items For ESO Necrom Chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online: Nercom chapter adds new housing and furniture options that reflect Telvanni Peninsula's and Apocrypha's distinctive cultures. According to the ESO Hub, 199 new housing and furnishing options will range from craftable to non-craftable items, artworks, braziers, building items, maps, plants, and more.

These housing and furniture items will be available in Normal, Fine, Superior, Epic, and Legendary rarities. Many of these beautifully designed items are linked to several new achievements in the forthcoming DLC release, as some can be purchased using Gold.

Before we look at the housing and furniture items included in the ESO: NEcrom chapter, here are all the housing and furniture-tied achievements to earn in-game:

  • Antiquarian Chase: Necrom: Have acquired all Mythic items that the Antiquarian Circle discovered throughout your journey through the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha
  • Cryptcanon Vestments: Locate the Dark Elf Cryptcanon Vestments said to have been lost in history
  • Esoteric Environment Greaves: Locate the Dwarven Esoteric Environment Greaves told to have been lost in history
  • Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet: Locate the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet told to have been lost in history
  • Savior of Necrom: Have completed all quests, done exploring, obtained antiquities, and become the Savior of Necrom

As stated before, 199 housing and furnishing options are coming to Morrowind through the Necrom chapter. While we wish we could list every single housing and furniture piece which can be obtained from containers, monster drops, merchants and vendors, and treasure chests, we'll be highlighting some of the more valuable items to get in ESO:

the elder scrolls online cosmetics guide necrom chapter new housing furnishings
Adorn your home with some of the most exquisite furnishings your guests will love. (Picture: Twitter / The Elder Scrolls Online)
  • Antique Map of Apocrypha (Legendary): This item details the region of Apocrypha, which is said to be a visual representation of one map designer's experiences rather than a valuable guide to the region.
  • Antique Map of the Telvanni Peninsula (Legendary): This item details the region of the Telvanni Peninsula, highlighting its magnificent coastlines, which contrast its robust interiors.
  • Deal with a Daedric Prince (Superior): A book that can be obtained from Bastion Nymic.
  • Hermaeus Mora Statue (Legendary): A sculpture depicting the Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge.
  • Letter from Azandar: (Epic): A letter from one of your new companions best displayed in your home.
  • Letter from Sharp (Epic): A letter from one of your new companions best displayed in your home.
  • Lighted Apocrypha Altar (Epic): An altar that's said if you meditate at the altar, a piece of knowledge may enter your mind.
  • Mushroom Classification Book (Epic): This illustrated book is highly regarded as an essential read for great conversations with guests.
  • Necrom Archway (Epic): An archway with green features on the beautiful white stone that will give any home an elegant touch.
  • Ode to Vaermina (Superior): A book that can be obtained from Bastion Nymic
  • Peryite's Salvation (Superior): A book that can be obtained from Bastion Nymic
  • Replica of the Fateweaver Key (Epic): An item replicated by Azandar signifies the impending research journey.
  • Tales of Tribute Travel Kit (Epic): A travel kit that showcases one's admiration for Tales of Tribute
  • Telvanni Alchemy Station (Legendary): This workbench is made from components representing multiple Telvanni cultures; it allows you to craft potions and concoctions.
  • The Doom of the Hushed (Superior): A book that can be obtained from Bastion Nymic
  • The Legend of Fathoms Drift (Superior): A book that can be obtained from Bastion Nymic
  • The Lord of Fate and Knowledge Frieze (Epic): A sculpted artwork depicting the Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge in all his glory and splendor.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is part of the Shadow Over Morrowind DLC launching on 5th June 2023 for Mac and PC via Steam and on 20th June 2023 for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is available for pre-purchase to receive various special rewards in-game at launch.