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ESO Necrom Llaro's Headache Guide: Where To Find All Ingredients, Choice Outcomes

Here's where to find all the ingredients requested by Retainer Balver to help solve Llaro's Headache, and which outcome to choose for the quest.
ESO Necrom Llaro's Headache Guide: Where To Find All Ingredients, Choice Outcomes

One of The Elder Scrolls Online's (ESO) early side quests in the Necrom chapter has players meeting a jittery apprentice named Retainer Balver, who serves Telvanni master Oathman Llaro. The Oathman is suffering from a persistent headache, and Balver has been tasked with creating a tincture that will help cure the ailment. The problem is that Balver needs some help gathering certain materials.

Retainer Balver is found very close to the starting area in the Telvanni Peninsula, close to the Necrom Outskirts. Upon speaking with him, you'l be asked to gather three ingredients from across the region: the musk gland of a Bull Netch, Volcanic Stinkhorn, and Fungal Blooms from a dead Shroom Beetle. If you're having some trouble locating these ingredients, or need a few directions, here's what you need to know.

ESO Necrom Llaro's Headache: All Ingredient Locations

Given that this is an early side quest, all of the ingredients should be relatively straightforward to collect once you know their locations. We'll start with the musk gland of a Bull Netch which, as you might surmise, needs to be taken off of the corpse of a dead Bull Netch. 

The Bull Netch can be found near the map marker. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

Balver gives players some guidance as to where to start their search. For the Bull Netch, he suggests looking near the ruins of Kemel-Ze. The area can be found towards the northern region of the Telvanni Peninsula, close to the coast and not far from the crossroads leading up to the ruins. 

The musk gland can be taken from the dead Bull Netch. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

The next two ingredients can be found relatively close together. We started with the Volcanic Stinkhorn. The clue to its whereabouts lies in its name and, sure enough, Balver offers some insight by suggesting your search begins near Sailenmora. Taking into account the regions landscape, players will notice that there is a large volcanic structure near that area of the map. Head over to the marked location and, in front of a pool of lava, is the Volcanic Stinkhorn.

The Volcanic Stinkhorn is found near, you guessed it, a volcano. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

Once collected, check the map and head towards the marker found to the right of where you found the Volcanic Stinkhorn. The last ingredient, the Fungal Blooms from a dead Shroom Beetle, will be found there.

Both the Volcanic Stinkhorn and Fungal Blooms can be found close together. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

With all ingredients gathered, you can now head back to Retainer Balver, where he'll be acting a little skittish.

ESO Necrom Llaro's Headache: Which Choice Should You Choose?

When you return to Retainer Balver with the tincture ingredients, he'll ask you to deliver the concoction to Oathman Llaro on his behalf. Which seems a little strange. It doesn't help that he's acting rather shady about it. After wrapping up your conversation you'll be beckoned over by another assistant, Edril Athren, who will ask to speak in private. She'll confirm your suspicions that something else is at play and suggest you sneak into Balver's workshop to find out. 

This section of the quest is optional, but completing it offers an alternative ending to the quest. Needless to say, there are some spoilers here on out. 

After sneaking into Balver's study, you'll find a journal that details his plans to poison Oathman Llaro, citing mistreatment as one of the main reasons. At this point, you now have two options: give Llaro the poisoned tincture, or tell him of Balver's plans. 

Neither option has any real effect on the rest of the expansion, and you'll earn the same reward regardless. If you choose to expose Balver, Llaro will have him summoned to him in binding red chains and call him a coward for not having the heart to deliver the poison himself.

If you hand over the poisoned tincture, Llaro will snatch it away from you and hurriedly drink it. He'll succumb to the poison and drop down dead, after which you can return to Balver who will thank you for "playing your part." 

Regardless of what you choose, you'll earn the Seeker's Almalexia Deck Fragment as a reward.