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ESO Necrom: Apocrypha Delve Locations

Hidden in the Daedric realm of Apocrypha are four Delves for players to explore. Here's where to find them.
ESO Necrom: Apocrypha Delve Locations

In the Elder Scrolls Online's (ESO) latest chapter, Necrom, players make their return back to Morrowind in order to aid the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora. The adventures take players across the Telvanni Peninsula, a brand new region south of Vvardenfell, and in the depths of Apocrypha, the realm of Oblivion owned by Hermaeus Mora.

Along the way, adventurers will encounter new deadly enemies, characters, companions and plenty of new item sets. Some will be found across the overworld, while others will need to be claimed through the regions' Delves. 

There are six Delves to complete throughout the Necrom chapter. Two can be found in the Telvanni Peninsula, while the remaining four are scattered throughout Apocrypha. Given the sheer size of this realm of Oblivion, it might take players some intense searching to find each location. Fortunately, we've streamlined the process by listing exactly where each of the four Delves can be found.

Elder Scrolls Online Necrom: All Apocrypha Delves Locations

Quires Wind

Quires Wind is best accessed through the Endless Library region of Apocrypha. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

Quires Wind is found in the eastern part of Apocrypha, best accessed through the Endless Library entrance. It is to the southeast of the Fractured Monolith Stiking Locale. Cipher Agrushna stands outside with a quest for players to take on once inside the Delve.

Like most Delves in ESO, Quires Wind contains a Skyshard. The hint for this one is: "In Quires Wind, just beyond the gaze of Mora's searching eye."

Fathoms Drift

Players will need to travel across Apocrypha to find Fathoms Drift. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

This Delve can be found to the northern most region of Apocrypha, just to the northwest of the Forlorn Palisades Wayshrine. A character named Landolvel will be waiting outside with a quest for players to complete inside. 

There's a Skyshard in Fathoms Drift, too. The hint offered reads: "On a prow pointed to the sky, among the ghosts of voyages past."

Apogee of the Tormenting Eye

You'll need to explore Apocrypha's northern region to find the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye Delve. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

To access the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye Delve, you'll need to continue your search of Apocrypha's northern region. It can be found in the middle, northeast of the Versicolor Carrels crafting station. Outside this Delve is Zirokh, who will offer players a quest. 

Once again, players can find a Skyshard within this Delve. The hint reads: "Beyond the central arches, where the Tormenting Eye was shelved."

The Disquiet Study

Head back to the southern region of Apocrypha to find The Disquiet Study. (Picture: GINX, Bethesda)

The Disquiet Study is the final Delve on our list, for Apocrypha at least. It can be found in the southern region, to the west of The Tranquil Catalog. Outside, Ysgild is ready to recruit the player into a quest.

There's a Skyshard here, with a hint reading: "Nestled among the highest northern point in a disquiet study."

That's all for the Delves in the Apocrypha region. Be sure to check out our guide for the Telvanni Peninsula in order to complete all of the chapter's Delves.