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ESO: Necrom How To Get Dyes: Telvanni Walnut, Sanity’s Orchid, Mora’s Mauve

As part of ESO's Necrom chapter, players can get their hands on some brand new Dyes for their Outfits. Here's what you need to know.
ESO: Necrom How To Get Dyes: Telvanni Walnut, Sanity’s Orchid, Mora’s Mauve

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has released its latest content expansion, Necrom. Returning to Morrowind, this time players will travel to the Telvanni Penninsula, home of the cunning wizards of House Telvanni. The chapter's story will lead players through the labyrinths of Apocrypha, the domain of the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora. 

Like any of ESO's DLC expansions, Necrom features all new content, including new items, mounts, enemies and more. Part of the more humble additions include brand new Dyes to use at the Outfit and Dye Stations, allowing players to give their costumes and items a dazzling new look. Necrom features three new Dyes as part of the content update: Telvanni Walnut, Sanity's Orchid, and Mora's Mauve.

Dyes can be applied to armor, clothing and shields at any Dye Station. With ESO Plus, players can also use Dyes across costumes and hats. Dyes also come in different rarities, with 'common' being the easiest to acquire. Here, we'll explain how to get hold of the three new Dyes in ESO Necrom.

ESO: Necrom How To Get Dyes: Telvanni Walnut, Sanity’s Orchid, Mora’s Mauve

One Dye will require players entering Sanity's Edge, the new 12-player trial. (Picture: Bethesda)

How To Get Telvanni Walnut Dye In Elder Scrolls Online


Like most of the new unlocks to be earned throughout the Necrom chapter, players will need to put in a bit of work to earn the Telvanni Walnut Dye. This particular color is awarded once a player completes the Champion of Necrom achievement.

These types of achievements are usually awarded for completing a significant portion of a Zone's activities, such as defeating World Bosses, clearing Delves and completing quests.

How To Get Sanity's Orchid Dye In Elder Scrolls Online


The Sanity's Orchid Dye is one that'll be a little tricky to earn solo, as it requires earning the Sanity's Edge Vanquisher achievement. If you've yet to stumble across Sanity's Edge, it's a new 12-player Trial exclusive to Necrom. Here, players will need to work together and delve into mind of Vanton, a Mages Guild researcher trapped in his own mind by a Daedra called Ansuul the Tormentor.

The Sanity's Edge Vanquisher achievement is earned by defeating Exarchanic Yaseyla, Archwizard Twelvane, and Ansuul the Tormentor in Sanity's Edge.

How To Get Mora's Mauve Dye In Elder Scrolls Online


The third Dye added in Necrom is Mora's Mauve, awarded to those who earn the Grand Arcanist Slayer achievement. This particular achievement is a tricky one, as it requires players to kill 100 enemy Arcanists in PvP. Not only will you need to find 100 Arcanist to duel, but also win your encounters.