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ESO Secrets of the Telvanni: Start, End Date, All Rewards

The Secrets of the Telvanni in-game event is on the horizon. Here's when it starts, ends, and all the rewards you can earn throughout.
ESO Secrets of the Telvanni: Start, End Date, All Rewards

A new in-game event is set to arrive in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) called the Secrets of the Telvanni. Players will be tasked with completing a special daily quest titled "Turn the Page" which, with the help of the wider community, will unlock some special rewards.

Each day that the daily "Turn the Page" quest is completed, a primary meter will advance which will unlock a number of free rewards. At the end of the event, all players who own the Necrom Chapter will also receive a bonus reward based on community choices. Here's what you need to know. 

ESO: How To Play Turn The Page Secrets of the Telvanni Event

The Apocrypha Tome Furnishing can be earned by favouring Yensa. (Picture: Bethesda)

When completing the "Turn the Page" event quest, players can choose to favor either Tralise (Oath of the Keepers Music Box) or Yensa (Apocrypha Tome Furnishing). Depending on which sister receives the most favor by the end of the event, the respective unique item will be unlocked for all Necrom Chapter owners, alongside the primary rewards.

To check the progress of the favor bar, head to the official ESO website. Be sure to check back daily to see which sister is favored. 

To complete the “Turn the Page” quest, find and bundle special Esoteric Pages together which you'll find within either the Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha zones. The bundle can then be turned in to Master Faras. 

ESO: Secrets of the Telvanni Start & End Date

The Secrets of the Telvanni in-game event begins Thursday, September 28 at 10 a.m. EDT. Players will be able to take part in the event up until October 10 at 10 a.m. EDT. On the end date and time, players will find out which sister has gained the most favor, and their respective rewards will be unlocked and awarded to all players.

ESO: Secrets of the Telvanni All Rewards

Players will earn three rewards as the primary meter on the ESO website progresses, with each one unlocking steadily. The three rewards up for grabs include a free pet, markings, and a Telvanni-style residence:

  • Ebony Dwarven Scarab
  • Nightmare Nest Markings
  • Kelesan'ruhn Home

At the conclusion of the event, players will also unlock one of two possible bonus rewards, depending on which sister is favored. These are:

  • Oath of the Keepers Music Box (Favor Tralise)
  • Apocrypha Tome Furnishing (Favor Yensa)

Once the event concludes, all Necrom Chapter owners can claim the unlocked prizes from the in-game Crown Store.