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ESO Unfeathered Crown Crates: All Rewards

A brand new set of Crown Crates has arrived in-store for Elder Scrolls Online. Here are all the rewards players stand to gain from the Unfeathered Crown Crates.
ESO Unfeathered Crown Crates: All Rewards

If you're looking for exciting and eye-catching cosmetics to adorn your characters with in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), then the best way to expand your collection is through Crown Crates. These premium boxes contain various item setsc ontaining four or five collectibles and items which are randomly chosen from that Crown Crate's pool.

When you open a Crown Crate, the NPC Pacrooti will emerge and deal you a row of four or five cards per crate. Players can then turn over the cards to reveal which rewards they've earned. Each Crown Crate will belong to a special set, and players have the chance to unlock some premium items from each crate's set.

Rewards in the Unfeathered crates include furnishings, like the Constellation Projection Apparatus. (Picture: Bethesda)

Crown Crates can be bought individually for 400 Crowns, in a pack of 4 for 1,500 Crowns, or in a pack of 15 for 5,000 Crowns. Each themed crate might only be available in the ESO Store for a limited time, though some will return over time. As of June 22, 2023, a brand new Crown Crate has arrived — the Unfeathered Crown Crate.

Players who pre-purchased ESO's latest chapter, Necrom, will have received an Unfeathered Crown Crate as a pre-purchase bonus. Now, players can purcahse more of these themed Crown Crates, with the chance to earn a variety of rewards which we'll go over below.

All Unfeathered Crown Crates Rewards In ESO

Some new mounts are up for grabs, including the Legion Zero Sabre Cat. (Picture: Bethesda)

There's a huge number of rewards that players stand to gain in Crown CratesAll Crown Crate rewards are categorized into the following tiers:

  • Radiant Apex Rewards
  • Apex Rewards
  • Legendary Rewards
  • Epic Rewards
  • Superior Rewards
  • Fine Rewards
  • Common Rewards

Unfeathered Crown Crates Common Rewards

  • Crown Lethal Poison (25)  
  • Crown Mimic Stone  
  • Crown Tri-Restoration Potion (5)  
  • Gold Coast Debilitating Poison (50)  
  • Gold Coast Draining Poison (50)  
  • Gold Coast Enfeebling Poison (50)  
  • Gold Coast Spellcaster Elixir (10)  
  • Gold Coast Survivor Elixir (10)  
  • Gold Coast Swift Survivor Elixir (10)  
  • Gold Coast Trapping Poison (50)  
  • Gold Coast Warrior Elixir (10)  
  • Monochrome: White With Black Outlines 

Unfeathered Crown Crates Fine Rewards

  • Crown Combat Mystic's Stew  
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Capacity  
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Speed  
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Stamina  
  • Crown Repair Kit  
  • Crown Soul Gem  
  • Crown Stout Magic Liqueur  
  • Crown Vigorous Ragout  
  • Crown Vigorous Tincture  
  • Gold Coast Experience Scroll

Unfeathered Crown Crates Superior Rewards

Auroran Polychrome Wolf is a Radiant Apex-level reward. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • Ayleid Body Ruinmarks  
  • Cathay Baandari Body Brand  
  • Swaying Skeleton Body Art  
  • Ayleid Face Ruinmarks  
  • Cathay Baandari Face Brand  
  • Swaying Skeleton Face Art  
  • Dreugh Queen Cuirass
  • Dreugh Queen Gauntlets  
  • Dreugh Queen Greaves  
  • Dreugh Queen Helm  
  • Dreugh Queen Pauldrons  
  • Dreugh Queen Sabatons
  • Balmora Constrictor  
  • Biscuit Bear-Dog  
  • Brindle Bear Cub  
  • Duskfall Ancestor Lizard  
  • Faun Fawn  
  • Sterling Cavy

Unfeathered Crown Crates Epic Rewards

Coldharbour Corruption Eyes are an Epic-level reward. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll  
  • Instant All Research  
  • Bright Lady's Baubles  
  • Coldharbour Corruption Eyes  
  • Steadfast Society Ball Domino  
  • Handy Pocket Scrib  
  • Sapphire Knighting  
  • Wayrest Party Incident  
  • Hoardwalker Face Marks  
  • Household Shrine, Meridian  
  • Braided Tresses  
  • Scavenger Legion Helm  
  • Fighter's Guild Blade Barrel  
  • Indigo Twilight Camel  
  • Abyssal Tomeshell  
  • Chromatic Scorpion  
  • Evermore Painter's Moth  
  • Heartland Cat  
  • Nenalata Ayleid Wolf Pup 

Unfeathered Crown Crates Legendary Rewards

Unfeathered armor and weapon styles are up for grabs. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll  
  • Instant All Research, Major  
  • Hoardwalker Body Marks  
  • Telvanni Master Wizard  
  • Meridian Mote  
  • Throne of the Lich  
  • Soul Crystals of the Returned  
  • Crown Crafting Motif 35: Dro-m'Athra Style  
  • Crown Crafting Motif 72: Meridian Style  
  • Duskfall Welwa  
  • Khenarthi's Windwalker  
  • Unfeathered Greatsword  
  • Unfeathered Bow  
  • Unfeathered Mace  
  • Unfeathered Shield  
  • Unfeathered Staff  
  • Do'Krin Ascetic's Henna  
  • Glowgill Guarhide

Unfeathered Crown Crates Apex Rewards

Legionnaire's Recall could be earned in this set of Crown Crates. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • Dwemerdelve Scavenger  
  • Legionnaire's Recall  
  • Constellation Projection Apparatus  
  • Umaril's Radiance Elk  
  • Umaril's Radiance Guar  
  • Umaril's Radiance Senche  
  • Umaril's Radiance Wolf  
  • Lich 

Unfeathered Crown Crates Radiant Apex Rewards

The Ahz-m'Athra mount is a Radiant Apex rewards in the Unfeathered Crown Crates. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • Ahz-m'Athra  
  • Auroran Polychrome Wolf  
  • Legion Zero Sabre Cat 

Players can purchase Crown Crates with Crowns or Crown Gems, an additional currency earned when you pull a collectible from a Crown Crate that you already own. The duplicate item will be automatically converted to Crown Gems. Crown Gems can be extracted from unwanted consumables and furniture, as long as those items were obtained through Crown Crates. Gems can also be spent to obtain specific Crown Store items.