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Call Vault-Tec's phone number from the Fallout TV show for a hidden Easter egg

You can call the Vault-Tec number shown in the Fallout TV show, but you might not like what you hear on the other end...
Call Vault-Tec's phone number from the Fallout TV show for a hidden Easter egg

We loved the Fallout TV show on Prime Video, and in our review, we called it funny, brutal, and authentic. It's absolutely fantastic, if I'm being honest, and today, my appreciation for it grew just a bit more after learning what happens when you call the Vault-Tec number that appears on the show.

No, you won't get a "please stand by" or an "okie dokie" message. Instead, you'll hear something you might not want to hear...

Spoiler warning: This article contains a minor spoiler pointing towards when the Vault-Tec number appears on screen during the story.

What Happens When You Call The Vault-Tec Number?

You might have noticed "213-25–VAULT" for a Vault-Tec ad in episode six of the Fallout TV show featuring Walton Goggins.

Don't worry, you can call it, as it is a little real-world easter egg for the show. You won't bother a real person! If you don't want to call it for whatever reason, then we'll explain what happens when you call the Vault-Tec number below a rather happy image from the show.

When you call the Vault-Tec number from the Fallout TV show, you will hear a man screaming for several seconds, almost as if he is being demolished by a deathclaw, and then the phone call cuts out.

Fallout tv show series vault-tec number calling how to phone
Calling the Vault-Tec number might not make you laugh...(Picture: Amazon)

How To Ring “213-25–VAULT”

If you're not sure how to call the 213-25–VAULT number, well, it's not actually that difficult. For those who were born after the bombs dropped, "213-25–VAULT" translates to "213-258-2858". If you're outside the US you can still call with an international code (charges apply), using the number 001-213-258-2858.

Alternatively, just listen on the video below:

In case you've been living in a nuclear bunker without any form of internet connectivity and missed it, check out the Fallout TV show trailer below.