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FIGHT CARD sees Glutonny and Oryon approach as new challengers

Joining the battle on GINX Studios' live FGC show FIGHT CARD are two Smash Ultimate professional players and a £75 cash prize available for the community.

Smash Ultimate will be the featured game in the penultimate episode of FIGHT CARD, hosted by Samad "Damascus" Abdessadki and guest host for this week TPK, and the two professional players that will brawl have been confirmed.

LeStream's Oryon will play in a FT5 showmatch against Europe's best Smash fighter William "Glutonny" Belaid from Solary.

The victor then prepare for battle in a FT2 against a community pick from the ginx.tv chat.

To be in with a chance to play, you will need to own Smash Ultimate, have a ginx.tv account and be active in the chat on the website.

As always, there will be a Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller giveaway hosted on our Twitter account. Once again, you will need to be active in the chat as well as following the instructions on the Twitter post this week.

You cannot be picked from Twitch chat for any of the giveaways or game opportunities so you will need to be on the official GINX website.

As a new bonus for any challengers, there is a £75 prize that will be awarded to a community player that wins over the already-victorious professional.

This went unclaimed last week as Soulcalibur's Skyll defeated both rival pro Ganondeurf and the community challenger skeiider.

Tune in at 8PM UK time on either ginx.tv or our Twitch channel ginxtv for all of the Smash Ultimate action on 21st November.

Phoebe Dua

Phoebe Dua

Written by GINX redaction

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