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New live FGC show FIGHT CARD coming to GINX Esports TV

FIGHT CARD is a brand-new live show coming exclusively to ginx.tv later this month with different fighting games as the focus for each week's broadcast.

Produced by GINX Studios, FIGHT CARD focuses on one of the most engaged and iconic scenes of the esports world: the fighting game community or FGC.

From October 24th, the next six weeks will feature some of the best players in the world will be fighting live on ginx.tv, the recently launched online platform dedicated to esports by GINX.

Hosted by Samad "Damascus" Abdessadki, FIGHT CARD will feature one game a week, including but not limited to Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 or Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

In addition to the showmatch between pro players, FIGHT CARD will also host a pro versus amateur tournament each Thursday night. A member of the community from the chat will get a given the opportunity to play against the winner of the showmatch and have their game cast and analysed by Damascus and his co-host.

This live event is the first of a series of live tournaments and showmatches to be hosted on ginx.tv which is still in its beta version.

The guests, of which the complete listing will be shared at a later stage, will include players and casters to represent all fighting games' communities.

FIGHT CARD, powered by Thrustmaster, will be available live for free on ginx.tv from October 24th. 8:00pm UK time through a link at the top of the home page.

The series will also be broadcast as a 6 x 24-minute highlight series on GINX Esports TV 24/7 linear channel from November 11th.

Phoebe Dua

Phoebe Dua

Written by GINX redaction

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