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How FIFA 23 FUT Moments Work - Stories & Chapters

FIFA’s Ultimate Team has been the most played game mode for a long time and now they are adding FUT moments to FIFA 23 for more single-player opportunities.
How FIFA 23 FUT Moments Work - Stories & Chapters

FIFA Ultimate Team sees a few changes this year, but most notably is the addition of FUT moments which gives players a new avenue in which to approach the game mode this year. It is especially good for the fact it offers players another opportunity to get involved in FUT in a single-player environment.

Those who prefer to play at their own pace instead of the sweaty online matches will rejoice at this news and it offers something fresh to the game which we have never had before. 

Here is your guide on how the game mode works and what you should be looking out for.

What are FIFA 23 FUT Moments?

Fifa Ultimate Team
The Reward Level screen when choosing your difficulty. (Picture: EA)

FUT Moments give you the option to participate in specified scenarios. These scenarios can either be created by EA, moments from recent matches, and potential iconic moments like Wayne Rooney’s overhead kick (hopefully).

Some scenarios will be time limited and you must complete them before they expire others will last the entire duration of FIFA 23. Completing these moments will present you with different rewards.

How FIFA 23 FUT Moments Work

Fifa Ultimate Team
The Rise of Mbappe story is one of many in FIFA 23. (Picture: EA)

Each story in FUT moments has various chapters you will need to unlock over time. The first chapter will always be unlocked and from there you will need to acquire FUT stars to play the chapters that follow. 

Moments will be the individual scenarios you are placed into. The scenario will begin at a point in the game, it could be a throw-in, free-kick, or an attacking/defending situation. As mentioned, prior moments will have their own challenges that you are required to complete to progress.

Examples of challenges given are scoring a goal and completing a rainbow flick. Should you not complete all the challenges posed, you will have to restart the scenario from the beginning. The good news, however, is you have as many retries as you need to complete it.

EA has promised updates to the stories and the Gallery will be done regularly so players will have a lot of content to sink their teeth into over the course of the season.

And this completes your guide to FIFA 23 FUT Moments, enjoy sinking your teeth in the new game mode.

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.