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Complete The Ones To Watch SBC - Angel Di Maria FIFA 23

Here's how to complete the SBC needed to obtain the Angel Di Maria OTW in FIFA 23.
Complete The Ones To Watch SBC - Angel Di Maria FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is set to bring various squad-building challenges (SBC) to the game, and one of these challenges will reward players with a new 84-rated Ones To Watch (OTW) version of Ángel Di María from Juventus. So if you're eager to get your hands on this OTW then you're in the right place.

Below we will show you how to complete the SBC required to receive the new OTW version of Ángel Di María in FIFA 23. Along with some other tips you'll need along the way. 

Complete The Ones To Watch SBC - Angel Di Maria FIFA 23

The OTW promotion allows players to receive additional overall rating upgrades based on their performance in real life. The featured players have changed clubs during the offseason, as Ángel Di María did when he left Paris Saint-Germain for Juventus.

Complete The Ones To Watch SBC Angel Di Maria FIFA 23 complete and requiremetns
Players must meet two specific requirements in the SBC to acquire the Angel Di Maria OTW. (Picture: EA Sports)

Ángel Di María's skill ratings range from 87 to 48, with Dribbling, Passing, Pace, and Shooting ranking highest and Physical and Defending ranking lowest. To obtain this special card, you must submit two squads: Tactical Emulation and Serie A.

The first option of Tactical Emulation necessitates an 11-player 83-rated squad that includes at least one Juventus player. And the second option of Serie A requires an 11-player 84-rated squad and at least one Serie A player.

To build these squads from the ground up, you'll need to spend anywhere between 26,550 and 32,250 FUT coins across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia. Given that this is the game's first OTW SBC, the price is reasonable.

In addition to the OTW Ángel Di María card, completing both squads will net you one small electrum players pack and a small gold pack. Below, you can find the cheapest way to complete Ones to Watch Ángel Di María SBC right now:

Complete The Ones To Watch SBC Angel Di Maria FIFA 23 Two methods of getting the OTW
To get the Angel Di Maria OTW players must complete the Tactical Emulation and Serie A squads at minimum. (Picture: EA Sports)

Tactical Emulation 

You need a minimum of 83 for squad rating while making sure your squad is cheap. Ideally, we would advise going with: 

  • x6 82-rating players

  • x3 83-rating players

  • x2 84-rating players with ratings

For the rest, simply select one Juventus player for your starting 11 lineups.

Serie A

Similar to Tactical Emulation, you'll need a minimum rating of 84 and one Serie A player. There are no additional requirements. So it should be simple to finish.

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Featured images courtesy of Electronic Arts.