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Genesis 7 viewer’s guide: How to watch, line-up and schedule

One of the largest tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate takes place this weekend, so here’s what you need to know about Genesis 7.

Outside general FGC events like EVO and DreamHack, Genesis is arguably the most prestigious Super Smash Bros. dedicated tournament in the world.  

From its inception in 2009, Genesis has attracted the biggest and best players from the community, with last year’s event seeing Leonardo "MkLeo" Perez secure victory in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s debut at the tournament.  

This year’s hopes to be even bigger, with entrants for both Melee and Ultimate tournaments exceeding 1,000 each. Want the lowdown? Here’s everything you need to know about Genesis 7.  

When is Genesis 7?  

Genesis 7 takes place from Friday 24 January to Sunday 26 January across the Oakland Marriott City Center and Paramount Theater in Oakland, California.  

The first two days are staged at the Oakland Marriott City Center, with the finals across Rivals Of Aether, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate held in the Paramount Theater on Sunday.

What games are on the line-up?  

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee 
  • Super Smash Bros. 64 
  • Rivals Of Aether 
  • Splatoon 2 

Outside the main titles listed above, there will also be side games for attendees including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Magical Drop 3, Windjammers and Super Street Fighter II Turbo.  

What is the format? 

The tournament uses the double elimination bracket format, with singles and doubles competitions taking place across Ultimate, Melee, Smash 64, and Rivals Of Aether. 

The top eight competitors in both Ultimate and Melee will face off in the finals on Sunday, while the top six players in Rivals Of Aether will also compete. 

What is the schedule for Genesis 7?

The schedule for the official stream has yet to be announced, although you can check out the timings for matches across the entire event below.  

Friday 24 January 

Melee Singles 

Round 1 Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 


Melee Doubles  

Round 1 Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT)  

Round 2 Pools – 4pm PST (12am Saturday GMT) 

Top 6 – 8pm PST (4am Saturday GMT) 


Ultimate Singles 

Round 1 Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 


Ultimate Doubles 

Round 1 Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 

Round 2 Pools – 4pm PST (12am Saturday GMT) 

Top 6 – 8pm PST (4am Saturday GMT) 


64 Doubles 

Pools – 1pm PST (9pm GMT)  

Top 8 – 3pm PST (11pm GMT) 


Rivals Of Aether 

Round 1 Doubles – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 

Doubles Top 6 – 2pm PST (10pm GMT) 

Round 1 Singles – 4pm PST (12am Saturday GMT)  


Splatoon 2 

Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT)  

Round 1 Singles – 1pm PST (9pm GMT) 

Salmon Run – 8pm PST (4am Saturday GMT)  


Saturday 25 January 

Melee Singles 

Round 1 Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 

Round 2 Pools – 12pm PST (8pm GMT) 

Top 64 to Top 8 – 6pm PST (2am Sunday GMT)  


Ultimate Singles 

Round 1 Pools – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 

Round 2 Pools – 12pm PST (8pm GMT) 

Top 64 to Top 8 – 6pm PST (2am Sunday GMT) 


64 Singles 

Round 1 and 2 – 12pm PST (8pm GMT) 

Top 16 – 4pm PST (12am Sunday GMT)   


Rivals Of Aether 

Round 1 Singles – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 

Singles Top 48 to Top 16 – 4pm PST (12am Sunday GMT) 


Splatoon 2  

Redemption – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 

Silver – 12pm PST (8pm GMT) 

Top 12 – 2pm PST (10pm GMT) 

Top 4 – 7pm PST (3am Sunday GMT) 


Sunday 26 January 

Rivals Of Aether Singles  

Top 6 – 10am PST (6pm GMT) 


Melee Singles  

Top 8 – 1pm PST (9pm GMT)  


Ultimate Singles 

Top 8 – 6pm PST (2am Monday GMT) 

Smash Ultimate
Could a new DLC character top the tournament? (Picture: Nintendo) 

Who is attending and expected to win? 

Over 3,500 people are expected to compete across the different tournaments, featuring the biggest names from the Smash community.  

MkLeo will return in the hopes of earning his second Ultimes Singles win in a row, while Jigglypuff player Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma is hoping to top the Melee Singles once again.  

There’s some stiff competition in both categories. Nairoby "Nairo" Quezeda recently emerged victorious at Let’s Make Big Moves, while Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey won Glitch8 last week. These longer marathon tournaments don't always see top competitiors succeed, however, so the playing field is generally wide open.  

You can check out the full roster of attendees here.  

What are the prize pools for Genesis 7? 

The total prize pool currently stands at $16,800, although this is set to change with purchases at the event contributing towards the overall amount. The Doubles prize pool stands at $5,400.  

How can I watch Genesis 7?

All of the finals on Sunday will be broadcast on Twitch channel BTSSmash. For Friday and Saturday, Ultimate main events will be available to watch on BTSSmash and Ultimate side events on BTSSmash3.

Melee main events across these two days will be broadcast on BTSSmash2, and side events on BTSSmash4. Rivals Of Aether tournaments will be on ShowdownGG and Splatoon on EndgameTV1

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