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Tekken and SoulCalibur World Tour delayed due to Coronavirus

A number of events from the Tekken and SoulCalibur World Tour have been pulled due to the Coronavirus, while The MIXUP has been postponed to July.
Tekken and SoulCalibur World Tour delayed due to Coronavirus

Following cancellations of the Tokyo Tekken Masters and Taipei Major, a number of other FGC events have been affected by the Coronavirus. 

Bandai Namco announced the Norcal Regionals and Final Round 2020 have been removed as official qualifying events from the Tekken World Tour and SoulCalibur World Tour schedules. 

A statement reads: "We deeply apologise for any difficulty this will cause players and staff of these events. We understand that everyone is excited to compete in both World Tours and wre are equally excited to share that passion with you. 

"This is not a decision we take lightly and the safety and security of the community is of the utmost importance to us."

Norcal Regionals is still set to go ahead on 10-12th April, while Final Round is also still scheduled to take place on 20-22nd March. 

The MIXUP however, which was was originally scheduled to take place in Lyon, France on 18-19th April, has been postponed due to the virus. 

In a statement on their website, The MIXUP event director Flo Sama announced the FGC event has been postponed to 18-19 July due to public safety concerns.  

“We understand that this decision will affect most of you as you have booked planes, trains, hotels and so on,” the statement reads. “This situation is impacting everyone: players, spectators, teams, leagues, events... I kindly ask you to not take this decision too personally and understand our position.  

“We sincerely apologise and hope that it will not affect the trust you have placed in us so far.” 

Tickets purchased for the April event are still valid for July, with refunds available for anyone who cannot attend the new dates.  

The organiser also explained how they will contact hotels listed on their website over the coming weeks to ask if they’ll allow attendees to change their booking to the new July date, with more updates set to come.  

The MIXUP takes place in Lyon, France on 18-19th July 2020.