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Best Black Mage Rotation In FFXIV: Openers, Abilities, & More

Black Mage is one of the more difficult Jobs to master in FFXIV, so nailing down your rotation will help you get the most out of this magical DPS.
Best Black Mage Rotation In FFXIV: Openers, Abilities, & More

Each job in FFXIV has tons of abilities. Some of these abilities can be activated repeatedly, whilst other abilities have a GCD (global cooldown). Players wanting to optimize their damage, tanking, or healing must ensure they are performing the right rotation of abilities. This ensures that your buffs remain active for as long as possible, and there is no downtime in dishing out DPS. 

The Black Mage is a magical DPS character that can deal massive damage to enemies with the caveat that they must remain rooted in place. Master Black Mages will need to choose when and where to activate their most powerful spells in order to deal tons of DPS while staying out of danger. 

 So, if you are curious to learn more, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Black Mage rotation in FFXIV. 

Best Black Mage Rotation In FFXIV

Black Mages deal damage by casting spells. (Picture: Square Enix)

In order to know the best Black Mage rotation in FFXIV, we need to look at several different factors. These include openers, GCDs, buffs, and more. We will break down each step of the rotation below:

As a magical DPS, Black Mages focus on dealing magical damage from a range. Unlike other magical jobs like Summoner and Red Mage, Black Mage is a very selfish class with little to no utility when it comes to party support. 

Instead, Black Mages trade out any kind of party support for even more damage. Because of this, Black Mages are one of the strongest, if not the strongest, DPS Jobs in the entire game (at least when it comes to pumping out pure DPS numbers). 

Black Mages are one of the most powerful DPS Jobs in FFXIV. (Picture: Square Enix)

It is always important to be aware of your Ley Lines, which are a key part of your kit that are placed on the ground and grant the user additional bonuses if they remain within the area. 

Here is an example of a Black Mage opener and rotation:

Best Black Mage Rotation - Endwalker 6.5

  1. Sharpcast
  2. Fire III
  3. Thunder III
  4. Triplecast
  5. Fire IV
  6. Tincture of Intelligence 
  7. Fire IV
  8. Amplifier
  9. Ley Lines
  10. Fire IV
  11. Swiftcast
  12. Fire IV
  13. Triplecast
  14. Despair
  15. Manafont
  16. Sharpcast
  17. Despair
  18. Blizzard III
  19. Xenoglossy
  20. Paradox
  21. Blizzard IV 
  22. Thunder III

Depending on the type of encounter you are up against, this rotation may differ slightly. However, this is a great rotation at maximizing your damage.

And that is everything you need to know about the best Black Mage rotation, including openers, abilities, and more in FFXIV.