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Best Blue Mage Rotation In FFXIV: Openers, Abilities, & More

Check out our guide for the best Blue Mage rotation in FFXIV!
Best Blue Mage Rotation In FFXIV: Openers, Abilities, & More

In FFXIV, every Job has its place and some are easier to pick up than others. Blue Mage is a limited Job that can only be used in certain situations. Blue Mage can not be taken into late-game content, will always be level-capped ten levels below the normal Job level cap, and is more of a gimmick Job meant for fun. 

 So, if you are curious to learn more, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Blue Mage rotation in FFXIV. 

Best Blue Mage Rotation In FFXIV

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Blue Mages learn abilities from enemies. (Picture: Square Enix / Gamer_Debbie)

In order to know the best Blue Mage Rotation in FFXIV, we need to look at several different factors. These include openers, GCDs, buffs, and more. We will break down each step of the rotation below:

Blue Mages can take abilities from enemies in the overworld and add them to their spell book. As you can imagine, because of this, the list of Blue Mage abilities is absolutely massive!

Blue Mages earn increased EXP for defeating overworld enemies. (Picture: Square Enix / Gamer_Debbie)

Blue Mage content also requires a team full of Blue Mages to challenge, meaning every Blue Mage in the party will likely have varying abilities. 

Blue Mages have a ton of different rotations depending on whether you are playing for fun or to beat challenging content. That being said, there is an optimal DPS rotation that involves using Moon Flute to boost your overall damage by 50%. 

Here is an example of a Blue Mage opener and rotation:

Best Blue Mage Rotation - Endwalker 6.5

  1. Whistle
  2. Tingle
  3. Rose of Destruction
  4. Moon Flute
  5. J Kick
  6. Triple Trident
  7. Nightbloom
  8. Winged Reprobation
  9. Feather Rain, Sea Shanty
  10. Winged Reprobation
  11. Shock Strike, Being Mortal
  12. Bristle
  13. Swiftcast, Surpanaka x4
  14. Matra Magic
  15. Phantom Flurry

Depending on the type of encounter you are up against, this rotation may differ slightly. However, this is a very good rotation at maximizing your damage, and when in doubt, this can be used relatively everywhere. 

And that is everything you need to know about the best Blue Mage rotation, including openers, abilities, and more in FFXIV.