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Final Fantasy XIV Fans Want To See Active Time Lore In The Game

Finally, I can figure out which Moogle is which.
Final Fantasy XIV Fans Want To See Active Time Lore In The Game

With the release of Final Fantasy XVI, fans of Final Fantasy XIV are wondering which elements of the game could come over to the MMORPG, especially given that the games share various different creative members. One of the elements that fans are hoping to see moved over is the active time lore system.

In case you aren't familiar, Active Time Lore is introduced in Final Fantasy XVI as a way of recapping the story in the middle of the game. At any point, you can hold down the touchpad on your PS5 in order to load up a menu that allows you to read up on anything in the scene, and it helps to recap what's going on with the story at any one point.

As somebody over on the FFXIV Reddit noted:

"It's absolutely amazing for someone like me with severe ADHD who always inevitably forgets someone by name and often has to google who the hell they are. This would be an incredible feature for FFXIV, especially seeing how huge the game and its lore go."

Another fan thinks that the gaming industry should go one step further:

"Such an amazing concept tbh and definitely hope this gets implemented not just in FFXIV and other RPGs in general. Especially lore-heavy games"

Would you like to see the concept implemented in future FFXIV updates? Or are you fine with the game as it is?