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How To Fix Error 90002, 90006 In FFXIV

If these errors pops up when you're playing Final Fantasy XIV, here's what you need to know.
How To Fix Error 90002, 90006 In FFXIV
Square Enix, Alexandra Hobbs

It's an exciting time to be a Final Fantasy XIV fan, with the release of the Dawntrail expansion offering players a brand new storyline to sink their teeth into. But new releases often come with a few bumps, which anyone who was around for the Endwalker launch will know all too well.

That's right. I'm talking about queues and errors. While Yoshi-P has already confirmed that things will be a lot smoother this time around, there are still a few errors that players should be aware of. Such as Error 90002/90006.

What Is Error 90002 & 90006 In Final Fantasy XIV?

Error 90002 and 90006 in Final Fantasy XIV are considered to be general network connection errors. These are primarily caused by network disconnections. There's a good chance that if you're network is a little shaky, you'll come across these error codes at some point. 

How To Fix Error 90002 or 90006 In Final Fantasy XIV

Given that these error codes relate to network connectivity issues, your first port of call should be to check your internet connection as something might not be working quite as it should.

It's recommended to use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi in order to reduce the likelihood of network issues.

If you're playing FFXIV on console, it's recommended that you review your system's Power Saving settings as these may have an impact on connectivity. 

There's another common error code that might pop up when trying to play FFXIV: Error 2002. Be sure to check our guide on how to fix Error 2002 should it appear.