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How To Get The Humble Triumph Emote In FFXIV

Strike a pose with the Humble Triumph emote in FFXIV!
How To Get The Humble Triumph Emote In FFXIV

FFXIV is no stranger to having exclusive, unlockable content to show off in front of your Alliance members. Whether this is rare gear, mounts, or minions, there's a ton of unique and interesting cosmetics to unlock in this game. Emotes are a lesser-talked-about cosmetic but one that can be just as fun to mess around with. Emotes have the potential to bring your roleplay sessions to life or just show off to your friends that you have an exclusive one. 

The Humble Triumph emote is a brand-new emote introduced in Patch 6.51 and will have your Warrior of Light leaning on their back foot with a wide smile.

So, if you are curious to learn more, we have the answers you need. This article will explain how you can acquire the Humble Triumph emote in FFXIV. 

How To Get The Humble Triumph Emote In FFXIV 

65410e4c8dd1b-Aloalo island.jpg
Players will need to complete the Aloalo Island dungeon to gain this emote. (Picture: Square Enix)

In order to get the Humble Triumph emote, players will need to exchange Aloalo Potsherds for it, which first need to be unlocked by completing at least one run of the new Aloalo variant dungeon. After that, each subsequent run will reward players with an amount of Aloalo Potsherds. Each run of the Aloalo Island variant dungeon will net you one Aloalo Potsherd from the treasure chest after defeating the first boss, and two Aloalo Potsherds from the treasure chest after defeating the second boss (for a grand total of three Aloalo Potsherds per run). 

By speaking with Trisassant in Old Sharlayan (X:12.0, Y:13.3), players can exchange their Aloalo Potsherds for various items. In order to acquire the Humble Triumph emote, players will need to purchase the Ballroom Etiquette - Humble Triumph book for nine Aloalo Potsherds. This means it will take a minimum of three runs to obtain this item and, thereby, the Humble Triumph emote. 

65410e4c8d254-variant dungeon.jpg
Players should run this dungeon until they have 9 Aloalo Potsherds. (Picture: Square Enix)

Alternatively, for players with more Gil than time, it is always possible to purchase this item on the Market Board. Unfortunately, because this is a new item, players can expect to pay millions of Gil due to its exclusivity. For this reason, it's recommended to simply run the easier Aloalo Island variant dungeon a few times to gain the emote. That being said, if you prefer Gil in your bank as opposed to a unique emote, players can definitely acquire a copy themselves and sell it for profit. 

And that is everything you need to know about how to obtain the Humble Triumph emote in FFXIV.