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How To Get The Rhiyes Mount In FFXIV

Make sure you acquire the limited Rhiyes mount in FFXIV before it goes away!
How To Get The Rhiyes Mount In FFXIV

The Fall Guys collaboration event is now live in Final Fantasy 14's Gold Saucer. Not only is this new game mode tons of fun to play alone, with a party of friends, or with an entire Alliance, but there are also tons of rewards up for grabs for doing well. Along with minions and glamours, a new mount can also be unlocked.

The Rhiyes mount is the star prize for those dedicating their time to doing well in the Fall Guys Blunderville event. So, if you are curious to learn more, you've come to the right place. This article will cover how you can acquire the Rhiyes mount in FFXIV. 

How To Get The Rhiyes Mount In FFXIV

65410eb142cd0-Growing Light _1_.jpg
The Fall Guys x FFXIV collaboration is now live. (Picture: Square Enix)

Acquiring this mount requires players to compete in the new Fall Guys x FFXIV collaboration event in the Gold Saucer, Blunderville. Players can unlock Blunderville by heading to the Gold Saucer and completing the quest "Just Crowning Around" (X:4.8, Y:6.1).

Once this is completed, players will have access to the Blunderville event and can start earning reward currency in the form of MGF (Manderville Gold Saucer Fame). A varying amount of MGF will be given to participants of the Blunderville event, with those who last longer during the three rounds earning more. Players will earn 50 MGF whenever they are eliminated but will earn 100 MGF for making it to Round 1, 150 for making it to Round 2, and 200 for earning the crown in Round 3. 

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The Fall Guys x FFXIV collaboration will last until November 31, 2023. (Picture: Square Enix)

Speaking with the MGF trader (X:3.8, Y:3.1) will allow you to trade in your MGF for various rewards. This is where players can obtain the Rhiyes mount by exchanging their hard-earned Blunderville winnings. The Rhiyes mount requires 440 MGF in total to purchase. This means that even if you are eliminated in the first round during every Blunderville game, it will only take a maximum of nine attempts to acquire this mount. 

It should also be noted that the Fall Guys Blunderville collaboration is a limited-time event. This means that players can only earn MGF and claim all of the available rewards during the set period the event is live. The Blunderville collaboration event is set to run from October 31, 2023, until December 31, 2023. That being said, events like these often return in the future, but with no confirmation that this will be the case or how long the wait will be for a reoccurrence, it is recommended that all players who want the rewards grab as much of them as they can.