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Does Final Fantasy 14 Run On Steam Deck?

Looking to play Final Fantasy 14 on the go? You might be wondering if it runs on Steam Deck.
Does Final Fantasy 14 Run On Steam Deck?
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Final Fantasy 14 continues to go from strength to strength, and the successful release of Final Fantasy 16 has only drawn more players back to the MMORPG. Whether you're a returning player or one who's taking their first steps across Eorzea, there's plenty to achieve throughout the online behemoth. 

Fortunately, players can dive into Final Fantasy 14 across a number of platforms. including PlayStation 3, 4, 5, macOS, and Windows PC. But if you're looking to play it on the go, then there might be only one option — the Steam Deck. So how does Final Fantasy 14 hold up on Valve's portable device? Does it even run at all? Here's what you need to know.

Does Final Fantasy 14 Run On Steam Deck?

In short, yes. Final Fantasy 14 does run on Steam Deck. Valve has listed the MMORPG as "playable" on the Steam store front. In order for a game to be certified as "playable" on the Steam Deck, Valve holds it against a series of requirements that ensure the game can be played but that it might require some extra inputs from players. This could be a tweak in certain settings to bring about a smoother experience.

According to the Steam listing, Final Fantasy 14 achieves the following in relation to Steam Deck playability:

  • All functionality is accessible when using the default controller configuration
  • This game shows Steam Deck controller icons
  • In-game interface text is legible on Steam Deck
  • This game's default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck
  • Entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard
  • This game does not default to external Bluetooth/USB controllers on Steam Deck, and may require manually switching the active controller via the Quick Access Menu

How To Check Final Fantasy 14 Steam Deck Compatibility

Since the roll out of the Steam Deck, Valve has been taking stock of its library of games and determining whether or not they run well on the handheld device. While not all games have received ratings, the larger and popular games will likely have been tested. As for Final Fantasy 14, players can head to the game's Steam page and scroll down until they see a heading labelled "Steam Deck Compatibility."

Under this heading, the game will be given its rating for Steam Deck compatibility. In the case of Final Fantasy 14, this is "playable." Players can also click on the "Learn More" button to find out some of the particulars pertaining to an individual game.