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FNAF Security Breach: How to Find and Play Balloon World

Here's where to find, and how to play, Balloon World in Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach.
FNAF Security Breach: How to Find and Play Balloon World
(Picture: ScottGames)

Fans of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach will no doubt be familiar with the game's arcade cabinets allowing players to immerse themselves in the lore-intensive Princess Quest games. However, many players might not not that there's another arcade cabinet that players can play for themselves behind the Daycare. Here's how to unlock, and play, Balloon World in FNAF: Security Breach.

balloon game fnaf
Balloon World is one of several playable minigames in FNAF: Security Breach. (Picture: ScottGames)

How To Play Balloon World

The hardest part of accessing Ballon World is completing the puzzle that's necessary beforehand; it involves photographing some hidden cardboard cutouts. They're scattered throughout the Pizzaplex, so you'll need to search carefully for them to ensure that you get all four. To make that a little easier for you, here are all of their locations. (Note: If a cutout's eyes aren't lit, you haven't successfully activated it, and will need to try taking another picture.)

Cardboard Cutout Locations

Cardboard Cutout Character Location
Pirate Foxy Daycare backstage basement; at the back of the room (can also be accessed through theatre balcony stairs)
Pirate Freddy In a rehearsal room attached to the Green Room hallway, beside the save point
Pirate Bonnie In the West Arcade, at the end of the hallway and next to a Princess Quest machine
Mermaid Chica At Monty's Gator Golf's entrance, across from the lighthouse

Once you've found and photographed all of them, you can now activate Balloon World. Head back to the Daycare backstage and find a poster of all the four main characters. You'll find that it's actually not just a poster anymore, but instead a door, so walk right through and keep going until you enter a room full of collectibles containing the Balloon World arcade machine.

Then, you'll be able to play the game; it's a simple minigame, involving flying around the world as Balloon Man and avoiding enemies. For playing the game and finishing it, you won't win any in-game rewards that will help you progress, nor does playing Balloon World help you achieve a certain ending. However, if you're a completionist, you'll want to try it out, since it'll earn you the Up Up and Away achievement.