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100 Thieves Fortnite Bank Heist: Island Code, How To Play

100 Thieves have announced their own Fortnite game map called Bank Heist, using the Unreal Editor. Here's everything you need to know, including its Island Code and how to play.
100 Thieves Fortnite Bank Heist: Island Code, How To Play

Fortnite Creative remains one of the best tools for players and creators to design intricate and exciting game modes and more. With the roll out of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) platform, creators have even more methods at their disposal to make some truly unique creations — something 100 Thieves have discovered for themselves.

Using the UEFN, gaming organization 100 Thieves have created "Bank Heist," the group's first-ever game project. The game mode has been launched within Fortnite where players must rely on their skills and reflexes to access a vault, retrieve a payload and successfully extract the loot via helicopter. Pete Hawley, Chief Product Officer and head of game development at 100 Thieves said of the game mode, “Bank Heist is the result of the evolution of 100 Thieves and the evolution of modern game development overall,”

“Thanks to the new UEFN platform, our small but talented development team was able to work with our creators to build an innovative take on the competitive multiplayer extraction genre within Fortnite in just a few weeks. We’re excited to launch this game, support this platform, and continue to innovate on how great games are developed.” 

100 Thieves Bank Heist Fortnite Game Mode: Island Code, How To Play

Bank Heist will be an extraction-like game mode in Fortnite Creative. (Picture: Epic Games, 100 Thieves)

100 Thieves' Bank Heist game mode launches in Fortnite on July 11, at 11 a.m. PT. Players will be able to access the mode via PC, Console, and all compatible Fortnite platforms. Players will need to coordinate with teammates and get a plan together if they want to succeed in this mode and win. 

100 Thieves have revealed that the Island Code for Bank Heist is: 3339-4063-3278. Players will also be able to search the Discover tab in Fortnite to access the game mode. 

According to 100 Thieves, fans can expect the organization to introduce “Bank Heist” updates and additional Fortnite game islands in the coming months.