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100 Thieves drop Fortnite pros Ceice and Elevate

The World Cup duos finalists have been with the org since 2019, parting ways after two years under the 100T banner.
It seems big esports organizations are taking a step back from competitive Fortnite as 100 Thieves has decided to part ways with Davis "Ceice" McClellan and Hayden "Elevate" Krueger.

"Thank you Ceice and Elevate for your time with 100 Thieves. We'll always cherish the memories we had from getting to know you to seeing you both compete on the big stage. We wish you both all the best in the next step of your careers!" 100T shared via social media.

Ceice and Elevate both signed for 100T back in February 2019, finding immediate success as a formidable Fortnite duo, coming in 3rd just a few months later during the Fortnite World Cup duos event.

According to messages from both McClellan and Krueger via Twitter, the split is an amicable one, with nothing but good words from both dedicated towards the org.

ceice and elevate leave 100 thieves
(Image: 100 Thieves)

While Elevate didn't confirm if he would continue pursuing competitive Fortnite moving forward, Ceice did make a Free Agency Twitter post. 

With the parting of both Ceice and Elevate, 100T has four remaining Fortnite players signed: 

  • Diego "Arkhram" Lima
  • Brendan "Falconer" Falconer
  • Martin "MrSavage" Foss Andersen
  • Brodie "rehx" Franks

Interesting to note that other than MrSavage, who is based in Norway, the free remaining players are situated in the North America West (NWA) competitive region with 100 Thieves' LA base perhaps being a factor in the decision to release the two east-coast players.