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TSM announce exit from Fortnite esports, drops roster

Team SoloMid announced the departures of MackWood, Ferrrnando, and Safaroonie as their presence in competitive Fortnite dwindles.
TSM announce exit from Fortnite esports, drops roster

Team SoloMid, one of the biggest esports organizations in the world, has announced the departure of three of their now former Fortnite competitive players: Rocco "Safaroonie" Morales, Kerry "Ferrrnando" Salas, and Mack "MackWood" Aesoph a move that signals the end of organisation's efforts in Fortnite.

"Thank you for everything you contributed to TSM during your time with the org. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors," the tweet reads.

After initially jumping in with both feet as Fortnite quickly became a cultural phenomenon many esport organisations have taken a step back from the battle royale.

In April of last year, Leena Xu, President of TSM, spoke of Epic's poor communication and a perception that the publisher would rather esport organisations were not a part of their game.

"Epic do not really treat outside teams and sponsors very well. I don't think that they do a good job at all, there's not really a competitive scene let's be honest."

TSM still has Fortnite players in their ranks, including Sardar "ops" Ghafoor, Emad "EmadGG" Nasif, and Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro. Initial speculation from fans and industry insiders points towards the trio shifting to a content creation role within TSM, however, Zex left the door open for a possible return to competitive Fortnite.

Back in December, Leon "Khanada" Khim and the org parted ways and Josh "Commandment" Roach claimed that while being in the middle of a "renegotiation process" with TSM, he was free to look for opportunities, suggesting perhaps that his future lay elsewhere.

tsm drops out of fortnite
Khanada was dropped back in December (Picture: TSM)

Other organisations that have pulled back partially or outright from Fortnite include Ghost Gaming, Lazarus, and Fnatic, with the latter's CEO, Sam Matthews, echoing Leena's views that Epic does little to support organisations in the game.