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Best Fortnite Creative Aim Training Maps 2023: Island Codes

Looking to train up and improve your aim in Fortnite? Here are the best aim training Creative maps to help sharpen your skills.
Best Fortnite Creative Aim Training Maps 2023: Island Codes

Not everyone has impeccable aim in FPS games, not even in Fortnite. In fact, even esports pros need to train and sharpen their skills to stay ahead of the curve. But while esports players have high-end training applications to help them better their aim, us regular players have to look for other means

Fortunately, plenty of imaginative Fortnite players have taken it upon themselves to create their own maps with a purpose of giving players somewhere to train their aim. By using Creative maps, players can put all of their skills to the test in environments not unlike the regular Battle Royale mode, just with less at stake. Below, we'll list some of the best aim training Creative maps, and their Island Codes, to improve your effectiveness out on the field.

Best Fortnite Creative Aim Training Maps 2023: Island Codes

Chapter 4 Warmup Map

Island Code: 7264-2987-8032 

Picture: Epic Games

Created by Teadoh, the Chapter 4 Warmup Map is arguably the best map to get you prepared for mathces. Not only does it have the ability for players to train with neary every type of weapon (SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns etc.) but it's regularly updated to keep up with Fortnite's continuous updates. If you're looking for a map that'll offer you something close to the main Battle Royale in a training setting, this is it. The course can also be customized, so players can make things easier or harder as they see fit.

Aim Trainer UEFN

Island Code: 9741-6710-6888 

Picture: Epic Games

If you're after something with a more modern spin, then the Aim Trainer UEFN takes advantage of Fortnite's Unreal Engine features. Much like the Chapter 4 Warmup Map, players can customize this experience to their liking, altering the conditions so you can practice on some of your weaker areas. 

Solo Aim Duel With AI

Island Code: 2776-6311-7500 

Picture: Epic Games

Some players might be looking to train up for those 1v1 encounters, in which case the Solo Aim Duel with AI will prove to be a crucial map to utilize. Here, players will be dropped into a match with an AI combatant who they'll be able to duel without other players coming in to make things more complicated. This map is a great way to get your aim down when it comes to those tense encounters.

A.I Practice Map 

Island Code: 3626-2665-5854 

Picture: Epic Games

In A.I. Practice Map, players will have a vast number of options to tailor their training experience, all against AI opponents. Players will be able to hone their long-range skills, close quarters shotgun combat, and even box fights. Only AI will be present in this map, so no need to worry about other players coming in for some cheap shots.

99 Bot Lobby - Zero Build Solo

Island Code: 2534-9150-4313 

Picture: Epic Games

This map lets you drop into a simulated Battle Royale match (Zero Build) with 99 AI opponents. It's a great way to practice drops and early game tactics. Players will get almost the full Zero Build experience here, being able to practice all types of aiming in an environment with limited stress. 

These are our five top picks for Creative maps that are great for aim training. Be sure to give them a try ahead of your next Battle Royale match, whether that be standard or Ranked.