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Best Fortnite PvP Creative Maps

There are some really good creative maps for Fortnite that will help you farm XP very quickly.
Best Fortnite PvP Creative Maps

These days, everyone is talking about Fortnite. One thing the battle royale does right is adding a lot of different content that almost anybody can enjoy. For example, Epic Games recently added a ranked mode for the more competitive crowd. With the launch of the ranked mode in Fortnite, excitement for the game is buzzing once again.

Because of that, many people are returning just for Fortnite Ranked and working through their battle passes. However, ranked mode is not the only thing that has players excited. There are a lot of new PvP maps that were created by users that players are loving as well. Here, we will go over the best creative PvP maps in Fortnite.

5. Sketchy Gun Game (2625-4221-8535)

Fortntie Creative PVP
Players have created interesting ways to make their creative maps appealing in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Gun game is a pretty classic game mode in a lot of competitive shooters. For the unaware, Gun Game is a game mode where you start off with a bottom-tier, basic weapon. Once you score a kill, you will swap to the next weapon. Sketchy Gun Game does this very well and on top of that, the game mode looks like it is hand drawn as well. So it is a fun game on top of interesting art direction.

4. Pew Pew (6337-1351-0825)

Pew Pew is a pretty simple game as well but sometimes, simple is what you want. When you play this game, you are trying to get the best loadout possible. The only way to do that though is to earn a kill with your basic weapon, get money, and spend that money on better weapons. It is a pretty satisfying game loop that will scratch that PvP itch you have.

3. Toybox FFA (9061-5458-7889)

Fortnite Creative PVP
A lot of the creative maps in Fortnite are constantly updated and supported. (Picture: Epic Games)

Toybox FFA has been a very popular creative map for Fortnite PvP for a long time and for a pretty good reason. The Toybox map allows you to have nearly all legendary weapons and gives you a pretty wide open space to take on opponents. It is a fun map to use all the coolest weapons without too much getting in your way.

2. Skywars (7819-5026-8080)

Skywars is a very creative PvP map. Players will start on their own floating island and eventually be forced to the middle of the map where they have to take each other on. It is a lot like normal Fortnite but on a much smaller scale and has no room for falling. If you want a challenge, try this map out.

1. Reboot Royal - OG Fortnite (4464-0648-9492)

Do you ever miss playing on the original Fortnite map? Well, the creators of this map did, and let us tell you, they did a stellar job. This creative map is basically normal Fortnite but on the original Chapter 1 map. This is a pretty faithful recreation of the original Fortnite map and if you want to experience it again, this is the way to do so.

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