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Chibi, a 27-year-old content creator, accused of having sex with underage Fortnite pros

Several people from the Fortnite community came forward claiming players like Cented, Magin, and Elevate were groomed by Chibi while they were underage.
Chibi, a 27-year-old content creator, accused of having sex with underage Fortnite pros
EDIT: This article was amended to remove the identity of everyone involved barring Chibi aka Chibi_Moon, real name unknown. 

EDIT 2: Oath Gaming has since dropped Chibi from their roster and released this statement via Twitter:

"In light of recent allegations, Oath Gaming has diligently taken the time to consult with our legal counsel and team. Although inconclusive as of today, we ultimately decided to part ways with Chibi. We wish her the best of luck in the future. Oath Gaming takes the safety and well being of our community very seriously. We do not, and will not condone the actions of anyone that would jeopardize either."




Numerous allegations against Chibi, a Fornite content creator signed by Oath Gaming, have come to light after a Twitter user by the name of Carolinesusd outed her predatory behaviour surrounding several underage pro players and streamers prominent in the Fortnite community.


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The allegations, that go back over a year, involve a number of professional Fortnite players.

Chibi, who according to one of Caroline's anonymous sources is married, had one of the players pay for her transportation while she was in Europe for TwitchCon Berlin in 2019.


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In spite of what this Tweet states it is believed that the player involved was 16 at the time - the age of consent varies across Europe but in Germany - where TwitchCon took place - it is 14.


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On top of anonymous confessions, more people came forward with leaked discord messages appearing to be from Chibi_moon,  confirming her involvement with the player and also the reasons her relationship with him ended. 


Chibi moon



“[Removed] and I are officially done as of today. When I came home everything changed, as expected, but his school tests and FN (Fortnite) pressure I think became too much for him" reads the Discord message.

Things continued to escalate even further when more anonymous sources claimed that Chibi sent videos of self-harm to one player, and another instance of her sending explicit content to underage community members that led to several people cutting ties with her.

This player is believed to be 17 at the time of the alleged relationship. The age of consent federally in the United States is 18.

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After the allegations came to light, Chibi’s social media presence has vanished thus have not been able to be reached for comment.

This case follows that of Overwatch League’s Mouffin, who saw his contract terminated with the Boston Uprising after an investigation regarding sexual misconduct.