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Where To Find And Duel Countess Daraku In Fortnite

Finding Countess Daraku is not too difficult in Fortnite and we reveal her location.
Where To Find And Duel Countess Daraku In Fortnite

Defeating Countess Daraku is important to completing one of the Fortnitemares quests in Fortnite. During October, players will see a large number of different Halloween-themed missions that will give them a variety of rewards for completion. The quests for Fortnitemares will periodically be released throughout the month of October.

These quests will send you all over the island and have you undertaking missions related to various characters, such as taking out Kado Thorne. Here, we are going to go over how to find and defeat Countess Daraku in Fortnitemares 2023.

How To Find Countess Daraku In Fortnite

Fortnite Countess Daraku
Countess Daraku is part of the Fortnitemares missions in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

The most difficult part of Countess Daraku's quest in Fortnite is not defeating her, but finding her. Thankfully, she has a fixed location. Countess Daraku can be found east of Eclipsed Estate in the Eastern Watch.

Once players have arrived in this location, Countess Daraku will be on one of the upper levels of the watch. Although players can land on top of the roof, she won't be there. She is around the middle area of the watch just walking around. So long as players go to the Eastern Watch location in Fortnite, they should be able to find Countess Daraku quickly.

How To Duel Countess Daraku In Fortnite

Fortnitemares Countess Daraku
Defeating Countess Daraku will count towards the completed missions in Fortnitemares for special rewards. (Picture: Epic Games)

Dueling Countess Darku in Fortnite is an interesting mission because she is not an immediately hostile NPC. Players will actually have to talk to her first to challenge her to a duel. Once the challenge is made, she will become immediately hostile and attack the player. She doesn't have too much HP so she is rather easy to beat.

The mission also states that players can also speak to her after she is defeated. If players go to the Eastern Watch and they see a blue echo walking around instead of Countess Daraku, that means she has already been beaten by another player. If that is the case, players can just talk to her and the mission will be considered a success. So it does not really matter who beats Countess Daraku first in the lobby.