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Did Fortnite Remove Trios?

Players hopping into Fortnite hoping to team up with two friends have faced disappointment with Epic Games having removed Trios from the Playlist.
Did Fortnite Remove Trios?
Update: As of May 31, 2023, Trios is back in Fortnite playlists for both non-ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. 

Fortnite fans have been expressing their confusion and disappointment after noticing that Trios is no longer an option when choosing playlists. This is the same across both Battle Royale and Zero Build, with only Solos, Duos and Squads left as available options.

So what happened? Is this an unintended bug that Epic will patch out in an upcoming hotfix? Sadly, no. As part of the v24.40 update, Epic Games revealed in the patch notes that they have made the decision to vault Trios. 

Please note that the Trios mode will be vaulted in Battle Royale and Zero Build in v24.40.

The announcement was met with some disgruntled responses. Fans took to social media for answers to the mode's removal: "Can you explain the reason for getting rid of Trios? 3 of my children play together all the time, and my wife and I often play Trios with one of our children. And matchmaking never seemed like an issue," one player asked.

In the patch notes, Epic Games has seemingly given no answers as to why Trios has been removed. The change was made ahead of the rollout of Fortnite Ranked, which sees players compete in a more competitive setting across Battle Royale and Zero Build. Ranked Battle Royale is available across Solo, Duos and Squads, while Zero Build is limited to just Duos for now. The two modes each have their own separate Ranked progression.

Players were quick to express their thoughts over on Reddit. One user said, "I play trios 4-5 nights a week with my two buds. Now what, am I supposed to play No-fill squads? Or have some rando grief our game?

When is Trios Coming Back to Fortnite?

As of Wednesday May 31, 2023, Trios has been added back into the Fortnite playlist. It is available in both non-ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build modes.