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Video evidence shows FaZe Dubs cheating in Cash Cup

Just weeks after returning to the game the player has found himself in another controversy.
Video evidence shows FaZe Dubs cheating in Cash Cup

Daniel "Dubs" Paul Walsh just can't keep himself out of trouble. Just weeks since his return from a self-imposed exile, for using a racial slur, the Fortnite pro has been accused of cheating in the Cash Cup.

Evidence has emerged that shows FaZe Dubs "teaming" - actively working with, what should be an opponent, to gain an advantage. The incident was said to happen during the May 1st Platform Cash Cup Finals and involved Dubs and another player, who goes by the name "waffleslul", landing at the "The Rig" six games out of six and refusing to fight each other.

In a video, made fellow pro "Leaffr", the players can be seen doing a number of things that point to teaming including:

  • Land six times out of six at the Rig.
  • Lining up a shot on another opponent that landed nearby and killing him.
  • Taking turns to use "The Vault" for easy rotations.
  • Waffleluls fires one shot at Dubs, who is completely exposed and in another fight, before quickly disengaging.
  • Waffleluls is twice seen waiting for Dubs to finish a fight before making his presence known.
  • The two were also seen messing around together in the pre-game lobby.


Dubs cheating teaming waffleluls solo cash cup
waffleluls was seen to shoot once at Dubs before disengaging. (Credit: Leaffr)


Further circumstantial evidence that points to teaming is the fact that Dubs and waffleluls played as a Duo in the Contender Cup the day before. On top of that, waffleluls has previously been handed a ban from high-level practice scrims for teaming with another people named "nounzy". Leaffr also claims that both players are part of a friend group called "GenZ".


FaZe Dubs cheater, teaming in solo cash cup
The two players were seen having fun in the pre-game lobby. (Credit: Leaffr)


Members of the community were so certain the pair were teaming that waffleluls was asked to stream his POV which he refused to do as he feared being "stream sniped" while also claiming that he would "run away from Dubs".

Dubs and waffleluls would finish in 7th and 8th place in the Solo Cash Cup earning them $350 and $300 respectively.

This incident comes just weeks after Dubs returned after taking time away from competing and streaming for using a racial slur that was caught on stream. FaZe clan, the esport organization that he represents stood by their man that time and it is not yet known if they will take any action to sanction their player.

Epic Games have also yet to comment, but have in the past banned players for teaming, Damion "Xxif" Cook and Ronald "Ronaldo" Mach were found guilty of teaming during the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup In response, Epic banned the duo for two weeks, both players later qualified for the same tournament. More recently Nate “Kreo” Kou, Logan “Bucke” Eschenburg, Andrew “Keys” G., and “Slackes” teamed up during the opening weekend of Chapter 2, Season 2 and were subsequently handed a 60-day ban.

Teaming has been a prevalent problem in competitive Fortnite, with varying levels of severity stretching from not contesting drops in a quid pro quo, to signalling opponents to designate a truce and at the most blatant end feeding kills to a selected party to give them an advantage. 

Signalling became such a problem that Epic officially ruled against the practice.


Watch the video that shows Faze Dubs teaming