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Dubs thanks FaZe and community after racial slur suspension: "Think before you speak"

Daniel “Dubs” Walsh has paved the way for his return to competitive Fortnite with a statement thanking the community for their support and calling upon everyone to change for the better.
Dubs thanks FaZe and community after racial slur suspension: "Think before you speak"
Just over a month since his suspension from FaZe clan and subsequent ban from Twitch, Fortnite star Daniel "Dubs" Walsh has released a statement expressing how "truly sorry" he was for his words and thanking those that stood by him.

In a note posted to his Twitter 2nd April, Dubs expressed regret for his behaviour and spoke of learning the "history and original use of one of the most commonly missed offensive words" during FaZe mandated sensitivity training.



He also urged himself, his fans, and the esport community as a whole to "think before they speak".

"I challenge each of you to implement this in your life in some way - whether it is taking derogatory words out of your vocabulary or standing up to stop bullying."

He later suggested esports has the power to positively change the planet, adding: "The esports community is powerful, and if we all take some time to reflect on how we can be advocates in this way, we have the ability to change the world".

This current statement was retweeted on the official FaZe clan account which would suggest the esport organisation is set to stand by him.

This is the first message Dubs has posted since his initial apology on 29th February and he has only made sporadic appearances on his Twitch stream after serving his ban.

Dubs has sat out the first two weeks of the Fortnite Championship Series after the video surfaced and this statement may be an attempt to draw a line in the sand before he returns to competitive scene this weekend.

His regular Duo partner Noam "Megga" Ackenine, who he dominated the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers with, had previously put out a call for someone to partner with for the first two weeks of the FNCS meaning a possible reunion for one of the best Duos in the game.

The FNCS returns this weekend with Week 3 of four before the Champion Series: Season Finals on 17-19th April.

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