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Epic Games Is Pushing For Nintendo Characters In Fortnite

Epic Games is still pushing to have Nintendo characters in Fortnite although, it is unlikely to happen.
Epic Games Is Pushing For Nintendo Characters In Fortnite

Fortnite has had so many different collaborations over the years. In one of the most recent updates to the game, Peter Griffin from Family Guy has joined the roster and has a skin available for purchase.

With all of the different collaborations from all sorts of different media, Fortnite has quite the roster of characters in the game. But the stand-out missing collaboration is between Fortnite and Nintendo. From the looks of it, Epic Games still wants Nintendo characters in Fortnite but that is unlikely to happen.

Nintendo Characters Are Unlikely To Appear In Fortnite

Nintendo Fortnite
It is unlikely that any Nintendo Characters will join the Fortnite roster. (Picture: Epic Games)

Epic Games developers have commented that they have tried and talked to Nintendo multiple times to get thier characters into Fortnite. Whether it is Samus, Link, or Mario, Nintendo will not budge on putting thier characters in the game. An explanation from Kit Ellis, a former Nintendo public relations manager, has commented on the issue.

The explanation from Kit is that Nintendo does not need Fortnite and they are bigger than Fortnite. Giving Mario or Link a gun to shoot at others and get shot goes against the brand that they worked on for years. So although Epic Games will keep pushing for Nintendo in Fortnite, it is very unlikely to happen.