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Epic Games offers free refunds for T-800 skin in Fortnite

The skin was set to get a built-in emote, meaning it could only be used with this outfit, however, Epic Games reverted the decision.
Epic Games has surprised fans by announcing they'll be issuing free refunds without the need of a token for those unsatisfied with their purchase of the T-800 Terminator and Sarah Connor skins, the latest crossover to feature in Zero Hour.

The reason for this surprising turn of events is due to an error in Epic's communication during the release of the skin.

Originally, via Fortnite's official blog post regarding the skin, it was established that the Cyberdyne Salute Emote was a built-in item, meaning it could only be used with the outfits from the Terminator franchise.

As it turns out, the emote, which is a nice reference to Terminator 2's ending, can be used in combination with any skin in the game, with Epic Games quickly updating their post, confirming the free refund for those looking to get their money back.

"We have updated this blog to reflect that the Cyberdyne Salute Emote is not a built-in Emote included with the purchase of the T-800," the update reads

terminator emote
(Image: Epic Games)

The refunds will be available next week with Epic Games promising a notification will pop in-game to let players know when they can start issuing their refunds.

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