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Fortnite v12.50 leaked modes, skins, cosmetics, and more

Here's what is coming with Fortnite 12.50 update.
Fortnite v12.50 rolled out and with it a bunch of new stuff. Data miners already found some interesting new skins and other cosmetics. 

Leakers FortTory and Lucas7yoshi are as always amongst the first people to find out new stuff, and here's what they shared with the community.

Lucas even got an official email from Epic Games, where they explained to him there's a new mode coming called Party Royale - a new experimental mode where you "leave your weapons behind," whatever that means. They will start testing it this Friday.

There's also a new spy mode, called Operation: Payload, which is basically your typical payload-type of the map. 

There are eight new skins: Vix, Envision, Nightlife, Hugo, Yellowjacket, Sig, Goldie, Wild Gunner, all probably related to the next chapter of the Spy event.

Finally, there is a bunch of other cosmetics discovered in this new update. Amongst other things, Five pickaxes and one glider will be added in the v12.50 update. Set of Butterfly Knives as a pickaxe, Venom Blade, Purr Axes, Agile Edge, etc


Lucas also shared some of the new spy tech we're getting with the update.

In the end, there is some strange stuff, like this poster below, and no one is really sure what is this about.