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Fortnite Bownanza Week - v19.30 Feb 22 Hotfix

Fortnite Bownanza Week is here as part of the v19.30 Hotfix and Primal Bows are back!
Fortnite Bownanza Week - v19.30 Feb 22 Hotfix

There has been no shortage of excitement throughout Chapter 3 of Fortnite as Epic Games continue to evolve the ultra-popular battle royale. Game developers seem to be heeding the calls of their long-time player base, with content from former Chapters being unvaulted and dropped back into the Fortnite island.

In perhaps the biggest Fortnite development of the year thus far, Tilted Towers returned to the map allowing players to relive the original Season 1 location. Epic has also unvaulted classic weapons like the Heavy Shotgun, keeping the loot pool interesting.

We're now set for the next drop as some long-range weapons from Chapter 2 are making a return. Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite Bownanza Week, live now as part of the Feb 22 v19.30 Hotfix.

Bownanza Week - Fortnite v19.30 Hotfix

Fortnite Primal Bow Bownanza Week
Bownanza Week is here in Fortnite and that means the return of Primal Bows. (Picture: Epic Games)

Continuing the nostalgic touch of Chapter 3 Season 1, Epic Games have unvaulted yet another classic Fortnite weapon as the Primal Bow from Chapter 2 is once again live in-game. Having been gone from the battle royale since Season 7 of Chapter 2, Fortnite fans will certainly be quick to pick up the long-range weapon and feel the blast from the past.

Returning to Fortnite as part of the v19.30 Feb 22 Hotfix, Bownanza Week features a special set of in-game challenges as well. Players will be rewarded with extra XP to clear further levels on the Chapter 3 battle pass.

Primal Bows can be found on the ground as normal loot as well as in loot chests and supply drops. Bownanza Week and Primal Bows will be available until 1st March 2022 at 8:59 am ET (1:59 pm GMT), here's the full list of challenges.

Fortnite Bownanza Week challenges

  • Impulse wildlife using a Mechanical Shockwave Bow in different matches (0/2)
  • Hunt wildlife using a bow (0/3)
  • Hit IO Forces using a Primal Flame Bow (0/7)
  • Eliminate opponents using a Mechanical Explosion Bow (0/3)
  • Damage players using a Primal Stink Bow (0/250)

Each Fortnite Bownanza week challenge unlocks 8,000 XP upon completion, adding up to 40,000 XP in total should you finish all five challenges.


Make sure to keep up with our dedicated Fortnite page throughout the entirety of Chapter 3 for all the latest challenges, updates, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.