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John Cena is headed to Fortnite - Peacemaker leaks, release date, more

A recent tease suggests John Cena is coming to Fortnite, here's all the latest on the Peacemaker collab, cosmetics, release date, and more.
John Cena is headed to Fortnite - Peacemaker leaks, release date, more

Epic Games has become notorious for popular crossover promotions over the years, bringing some of the world's biggest stars to Fortnite. Professional athletes, music stars, as well as celebrities from the TV/Movie industry have all featured, and it looks like we're set for the next big drop.

The upcoming crossover looks to feature another big name from DC Comics, as Epic Games continues to evolve their library of superheroes. It all seems to match up timing-wise, with the character just receiving his own show on HBO Max.

John Cena looks to be headed to Fortnite as Peacemaker will soon be added to the battle royale. Here's all the latest on the Peacemaker collab, cosmetics, release date, and more.

Peacemaker Fortnite concept art
Fortnite fans have already begun to make concept art of what the Peacemaker collab could look like. (Picture: hxzsh)

Peacemaker coming to Fortnite - John Cena teases collab

While it's become a bit of a standard for leakers to find popular collabs in the Epic Games coding logs, the upcoming Peacekeeper crossover appears slightly different. That's because John Cena himself posted the teaser image of the Fortnite universe, leading many fans to believe what's next.

It looks to be a natural timing fit with the official Peacemaker TV series now live on HBO Max after a mid-January release. So a cross-promotion into the world's most popular battle royale certainly seems on the cards.

Here's a look at the teaser image that John Cena recently posted to his Instagram suggesting his arrival in Fortnite could be sooner than later.

Just like virtually every other post on Cena's Instagram, the Fortnite universe photo is without a caption. And with no comment yet from Epic Games, there is no hard release date set for when fans can expect the Peacemaker drop.

However, the arrival of the DC Comics hero certainly seems imminent as Season 1 of the TV series rolls along on HBO Max. Season 1 episodes continue all throughout February, so perhaps this collab could drop for the season finale, or maybe even Season 2.

We'll stay on top of this story should any more news break on when Fortnite fans can expect to see the Peacemaker gear in the Item Shop. There is also the possibility that Peacemaker items could be included in the Season 2 battle pass, set to go live in mid to late March.


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Featured image courtesy of hxzsh.

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