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Fortnite Chapter 2: everything new coming with the latest season

Everything that has been leaked as Fortnite goes live for the launch of the new Season of the battle royale.
Following the rocket launch and subsequent black hole that led to players only being able to gaze into space for the last two days, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 has gone live for all players and details about the latest update were leaked and can be found below.

Rather than Season 11, we will get an all-new Season 1 as part of the second Chapter in Fortnite's story.

In the Battle Pass trailer, we get to see that there will be a whole new map to explore on top of added mechanics such as water travel on motorboats and fishing. There will be additional ways to level up linked to these features judging by the trailer. We can also expect a reworked Battle Pass system including Medals and punch cards, which can be seen clearly in the new Victory Royale screen.

If you have V-Bucks to spare, there will be a plethora of new cosmetics coming to the Item Store, including a Legendary outfit called 'Zero' that seems to commemorate the black hole. Upcoming Halloween skins have also been leaked and can be expected in the coming weeks.

You can look good without spending as the Default 'Recruit' skins have been given a visual update of their own to bring them into Chapter 2 in style alongside new weapons.

There will be bots added to games as part of the new matchmaking system and players caught smurfing to take advantage of players in a lower skill group could see themselves banned from Fortnite.