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Collect different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in Fortnite

Here's a guide explaining how to collect different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.
Collect different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in Fortnite

Prowler is now available for Battle Pass owners in Fortnite to unlock, and one of his challenges includes collecting different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher. Unlike the other Resistance Quest that requires weapon rarities, this challenge can take a bit longer.

To unlock the Prowler, you'll need to complete three of the seven total challenges that he has. This rarity collection challenge will certainly count as one, and it will also provide a piece of the Prowler collection. Of course, finding Epic rarity weapons or higher can come down to luck, but there are some guaranteed methods.

Fortnite Prowler Challenge - How to collect different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher

fortnite epic rarity weapon or higher
Weapons need to be at least Epic to count. (Picture: Epic Games)

The most important part of collecting different weapon types of Epic rarity or higher in Fortnite is the types. It won't help you to find three Epic Heavy Sniper Rifles because only one of those will count in the challenge. Instead, you'll need to find three entirely different weapons that also happen to be a higher tier.

For those that choose to passively take on this challenge, you can always land in an area and hope for the best, but it will take much longer. Opening any chest in the game has a chance for dropping Epic or Legendary weapons. Supply Drops and Rare Chests have an even higher chance.

There are a few guaranteed ways to collect Epic rarity weapons or higher though. Two of them can be expensive, so be prepared to have Gold Bars on hand. One of the methods involving gold is simply using the upgrade bench. Taking any weapon to the upgrade bench, making it Epic, and then picking it back up will count. This will cost 900 Gold Bars though.

Another option is to land at a point of interest that has an NPC available. Many of these NPCs will have the option to purchase an Exotic weapon, and even with these weapons being so rare, it's less expensive than doing a full upgrade in some cases.

fortnite camp cuddle exotic weapon
Head to Camp Cuddle for an easy Exotic purchase. (Picture: Epic Games)

Camp Cuddle and The Joneses are just two examples of NPCs that have Exotic weapons for sale. What they have in their inventory can change depending on the location, but as long as you are picking up different weapon types, all is good.

The final method would be to go directly for a Mythic rarity weapon. These cost no gold but are far more dangerous to obtain. The Fortress to the west will have a Slone boss that drops a Mythic rifle upon defeat.

That's all there is to know about collecting the Epic rarity or higher weapons, and hopefully, you're one step closer to the Prowler. For more coverage on the ultra-popular battle royale, make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Fortnite section.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

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