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Fortnite Console Champions Cup: Schedule, format, prize pool, and more

Players can be part of a new competition exclusive to consoles, with a prize pool of more than $250,000 at stake.
Fortnite Console Champions Cup: Schedule, format, prize pool, and more

Epic Games has announced a new exclusive tournament where players from the console communities of the battle royale will be able to compete to be the best in the many servers of the game, and get a share of the big prize pool to be distributed among the top players.

As mentioned, only accounts and profiles linked to the Fortnite versions available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation platforms will be approved to be part of this, having some similarities to the previous Switch and Aloy Cups.

Console Champions Cup: Schedule

This special tournament will serve to kick-off a season of console-only events, running from 13-16th May, with times varying depending on the server you are playing. Dates will also depend on whether you are playing inside the Middle East region:

  • 13th May: Round 1 (Middle East)
  • 14th May: Round 1 (All Regions Except Middle East), and Rounds 2 and 3 (Middle East)
  • 15th May: Round 4 (Middle East), and Rounds 2 and 3 (All Regions Except Middle East)
  • 16th May: Round 4 (All Regions Except Middle East)

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Console Champions Cup: Format

To participate, all players must be at least 13 years old, have the 2FA authentication enabled in their Epic accounts, the Fortnite account must be at least Lv. 30, and finally must have reached Champion League in Arena play.

This tournament will be played in Trios with all teams participating in a maximum of ten matches during the Round 1 session. Best teams will forward to Round 2, where rules will be applied in the same way, and the top teams will move on to Round 3, and lastly Round 4. The number of teams advancing will vary depending on the region.

As for the timings, the first three rounds will last approximately three hours, while for the fourth and final round, the first match will start ten minutes after the session window begins, and a new match will begin every thirty minutes thereafter. This means the quantity of matches for Round 4 will be of only six games.

The scoring system will be as follows:

Rounds 1, 2, and 3

  • Victory Royale: 25 Points

  • 2nd: 20 Points

  • 3rd: 16 Points

  • 4th: 14 Points

  • 5th: 13 Points

  • 6th: 12 Points

  • 7th: 11 Points

  • 8th: 10 Points

  • 9th: 9 Points

  • 10th: 8 Points

  • 11th: 7 Points

  • 12th: 6 Points

  • 13th: 5 Points

  • 14th 4 Points

  • 15th: 3 Points

  • 16th: 2 Points

  • 17th: 1 Point

  • Each Elimination: 1 Point

Round 4

  • Victory Royale: 30 Points

  • 2nd: 26 Points

  • 3rd: 24 Points

  • 4th: 22 Points

  • 5th: 21 Points

  • 6th: 20 Points

  • 7th: 19 Points

  • 8th: 18 Points

  • 9th: 17 Points

  • 10th: 16 Points

  • 11th: 14 Points

  • 12th: 13 Points

  • 13th: 12 Points

  • 14th 11 Points

  • 15th: 10 Points

  • 16th: 9 Points

  • 17th: 8 Points

  • 18th - 24th: 5 Points

  • Each Elimination: 2 Points

Console Champions Cup: Prize Pool

After the conclusion of the Round 4, all teams qualified to this round will get a share of the prize pool of more than $ 250,000 USD, with the prizes varying on the server teams played. The total distribution will be as follows:

  • Europe: $ 112,350 USD
  • NA East: $ 58,050 USD
  • NA West: $ 25,425 USD
  • Brazil: $ 25,425 USD
  • Asia: $ 12,075 USD
  • Middle East: $ 12,075 USD
  • Oceania: $ 5,550 USD

You can check on the full distribution of placements and some other details and rules on the tournament on the official Fortnite website.

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