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Deadpool has finally arrived in Fortnite - here's how to get Deadpool skin

We knew for some time that Deadpool Fortnite skin is coming, and now he's here! Follow these steps to get him!
Deadpool has finally arrived in Fortnite - here's how to get Deadpool skin
Crossovers have been a significant part of Fortnite for more than two years now. It all started with Avengers: Infinity War and Fortnite Thanos event in 2018. Since then, crossover promo became one of the biggest selling points of the game, and arguably, a nice business model for Epic, but that's for another story.

The latest crossover promotion brings Deadpool as a skin. One of the fan-favourite superheroes is entering the battle royale title as the newest skin for the players, and you can get it just by doing some challenges designed for the event. Along with the Wade Wilson outfit, there's also a plethora of other Deadpool cosmetics you can also unlock by doing these challenges, or buying them.

If you want to jump into the game tonight with this shiny new skin, here's what you need to do. There's a set of challenges which you need to finish, and you'll get the skin.

Once you enter the Battle Pass menu, you need to click on a vent located above and to the right of the challenges table in the middle, which will trigger the secret Fortnite Deadpool challenges. From there, you'll enter the small room in utter chaos and mess. Click on a computer, and you'll be presented with some hidden challenges. You'll need to do them in a given order if you want to get the skin.

Find Deadpool's letter to Epic Games - it is on the ground to the left of the monitor where you are currently.

Don't thank the bus driver - Play your next game,  and do what the name of the challenge says at the start of the game: don't thank the bus driver.

Find Deadpool's milk carton - You can find it in a toilet, at the top of the urinal.

Find Deadpool's chimichangas -You'll need to find three burritos around HQ, and here they are: Location 1, Location 2, Location 3(just click on the links, and you'll be presented with the images of locations).

Find Deadpool's toilet plunger - it's in the area on the far left of the screen when you're on the central battle pass hub.


Destroy toilets - well, you know what you need to do here, go and destroy them!

Find Deadpool's katanas - Their location is in the Upgrade Vault with the weapons.


Destroy the opponent's structures - Jump into the game and do some damage to structures made by other players and that's it!

Find Deadpool's stuffed unicorn - Yeah, this one is weird, we know, but hey - that's Deadpool! Unicorn is located in Meowscles area. From the main Batlle Pass menu, you click on the top left door, then Meowscles area, and you're there!


Visit the bridges - Again, one that requires you to play a game. Once you are in, make sure to visit red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridge, and this challenge is done!

Find Deadpool's big black marker - this one is in Brutus' quarters, next to the computer(or whatever that is) on the table.


Next, you need to spray over Ghost and Shadow posters in the game. You just need to find them when you play the next game. This PC Gamer's article will help you locate them.

Find the two Fortnite Deadpool pistols - you can see their locations in the video below:

The final step is to enter a Fortnite Phone Booth or Portapotty, and that's it - congratulations! You are now a proud owner of Fortnite Deadpool skin!