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Fortnite Teases Potential Eminem Collaboration After Icon Radio Takeover

Is Eminem coming to Fortnite? The Rap God has seemingly taken over Icon Radio, hinting at a possible collaboration.
Fortnite Teases Potential Eminem Collaboration After Icon Radio Takeover

Update: According to a Tweet by HYPEX on 17th August 2022, Fortnite has "officially announced their collaboration with Eminem through the Fortnite Icon Radio"; however, there is no information about any potential cosmetic skins just yet.

Original article continues: Fortnite players have noticed that Epic Games is looping music by popular American rapper Eminem (also known by his alter-ego Slim Shady) on the Fortnite Icon Radio station. So naturally, this has fueled mass speculation that the Rap God could make his way into the game.

Epic Games is no stranger to crossovers, with several iconic franchises and celebrities having already appeared in Fortnite; these range from the more recent Dragon Ball Z collab (starting on 16th August 2022) to previously hosting a Travis Scott Astronomical in-game concert.

In each case, Epic Games was strategic in exciting fans, dropping minor hints and easter eggs alluding to their plans; and this time may be no different. Here's everything we know about Eminem possibly coming to Fortnite.

Is Eminem Coming To Fortnite?

eminem taking over fortnite icon radio station collab
Eminem has seemingly taken over the Fortnite Icon Radio station. (Picture: YouTube / Eminem)

On 13th August 2022, multiple prominent data miners, including HYPEX, iFireMonkey, and InTheShade, reported that Eminem was currently the only music artist with songs playing on the Fortnite Icon Radio station, fueling mass speculation of an upcoming Eminem x Fortnite collaboration.

At this time, there is no indication from Epic Games regarding what this collaboration might be. Whether it's an upcoming Eminem Fortnite Icon Series skin or a potential in-game digital concert similar to those done with Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, only time will tell.

As pointed out by TheAgentShadow on Twitter, "Lazar Beam was on the Radio before he got a skin, same with Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak (but they were on it after) and then with the Coachella collab." Given this, it's certainly possible that Eminem could be joining the Fortnite Icon Series.

However, iFireMonkey cautioned speculation, noting that "there are [zero] skins currently encrypted, so it might be something smaller like a (sic) emote or music pack." Still, Fortnite looping 53 minutes of popular songs by the Rap God is enough to trigger massive widespread interest.

It's too early to tell if Eminem will be joining the Fortnite Icon Series. (Picture: Epic Games)

All Eminem Fortnite Icon Radio songs

HYPEX detailed the list of songs; these include recent hits like Venom and Godzilla (featuring Juice WRLD) and older songs like Not Afraid. Here is the full list of Eminem songs currently playing on the Fortnite Icon Radio station:

  • Godzilla (ft. Juice WRLD)
  • Headlights (ft. Nate Russ)
  • Phenomenal
  • Higher
  • Not Afraid
  • Venom
  • Lighters (ft. Bruno Mars)
  • Fall
  • Monster (ft. Rihanna)
  • Walk on Water (ft. Beyoncé)
  • Berzerk
  • Survival

As you might imagine, Fortnite has censored the Rap God's strong language in these tracks. However, if you're looking for the full tracklist, we got you covered. You can download the Fortnite x Eminem Icon Radio mashup here (thanks, iFireMonkey!).

That's everything we know about Eminem appearing in Fortnite at this time. We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Eminem via VEVO.