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Fortnite - How To Get Dish-stroyer Pickaxe Via GeForce NOW

Fortnite players can pick up the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe for free using the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service. Here's how to get it.
Fortnite - How To Get Dish-stroyer Pickaxe Via GeForce NOW

Epic Games is back with another promotion that allows players to get The Dish-stroyer Pickaxe for free in the latest Fortnite v21.30 update. The patch contained a myriad of new content, including the Prime Shotgun, a summer event called No Sweat Summer, new consumable items, Skins, and more. As a result, this brand-new Pickaxe cosmetic is the cherry on top.

Fortnite - How To Get Dish-stroyer Pickaxe For Free

You can get the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe for free if you log into Fortnite via Nvidia's GeForce Now service during the promotion period, running from 21st July 2022 at 12 PM ET. The promotion period will end on 4th August 2022, at 11:59 PM ET.

When you log in to play Fortnite via GeForce Now—it doesn't matter if you are a free or premium member—you will be eligible to obtain the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe in Fortnite for free. 

You have around two weeks to make yourself eligible to obtain the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe for free. Eligible Fortnite players will receive the item reward starting 11th August 2022 (you might have to wait a few hours before seeing the gift box with the Pickaxe in your Inventory).

In case you don’t manage to get The Dish-stroyer Pickaxe via the GeForce Now promotion, don't worry; you can get it on a later date from the in-game Item Shop. 

How To Play Fortnite Using GeForce Now

fortnite geforce now how to play dish-stroyer pickaxe
You can use GeForce Now to play Fortnite on the go. (Picture: Nvidia)

You can play Fortnite using the GeForce Now service once you have made an account and subscribed to any of the three membership - 

  • Free
  • Priority
  • RTX 3080

Assuming you have a GeForce Now account with an active membership, you can head to the GeForce Now client or the web version and search for Fortnite and add it to your library.

Once that is done, you can hit the Play button to start the game. However, before that, a new window will open—asking you to log into your Epic Games account. Once you do that, you can play Fortnite via GeForce Now. 

how to claim Dish-stroyer Pickaxe fortnite geforce now
We suggest choosing the Free membership of GeForce Now to claim Dish-stroyer Pickaxe. (Picture: Epic Games)

Play for a few minutes, and you will be eligible to get the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe for free. On 11th August 2022, you can log into Fortnite to get the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe and equip it from your Locker. 

And that's all. For more game content, check out our section dedicated to Fortnite news, guides, updates, leaks, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

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