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How to mod a vehicle in Fortnite - Chapter 3 Season 2

Players can now break barriers down with a crash in Chapter 3 Season 2, here's how to mod a vehicle in Fortnite.
How to mod a vehicle in Fortnite - Chapter 3 Season 2

The ability to mod a vehicle has been available in Fortnite for some time now, but its prevalence has never truly gone away. Not only can they give you an upper hand for traversal in the Battle Royale, but they are included in many seasonal challenges, including Chapter 3 Season 2.

Vehicle mods were a part of the Week 3 Resistance Quests already, and with Prowler finally appearing with the V20.20 update, they have come back once again. To earn Prowler, you'll need to drive 500 meters using a modded vehicle, and the process can be done quickly.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - How to mod a vehicle

In the current Fortnite seasons, there are two different items that can be used to mod a vehicle. The most prominent one this season is the Cow Catcher, especially because of the second use. But the other item, the Off-Road Tires, can be just as useful depending on the situation.

fortnite apply vehicle mod cow catcher
Throw the mod at a vehicle to apply it. (Picture: Epic Games)

Regardless of the mod that you want to use, the process of adding them to a vehicle remains the same. The first step is to find a mod, which can be done much faster by seeking out a garage. Chonker's Speedway is one of the best ways to seek out a mod with less luck involved.

When you find either of the available mods, you can pick one up so it goes into your available inventory. Before you can use it though, a vehicle is required, and they are in full abundance this season. Nearly every point of interest will have some, but a gas station or garage is almost guaranteed.

With a vehicle by your side and a mod in your inventory, the next step is to select the mod so that your player model is holding the item. Aim the item and throw the mod directly at the vehicle. This will immediately alter the vehicle so that it has the new mod equipped.

Cow Catcher mod versus the Off-Road Tires in Fortnite

fortnite cow catcher drive
The Cow Catcher can tear through structures. (Picture: Epic Games)

The Cow Catcher creates a plow-like structure on the front of a vehicle that easily destroys any barriers in the way. Vehicles like the Armored Battle Bus will automatically have these equipped, and they are great for attacking buildings. Cow Catchers can also be placed on the ground for mobile cover.

On the other hand, is the Off-Road Tires. This classic vehicle mod will change the size of the tires and lift the vehicle. Essentially, the tires make driving on the grass or dirt just as fast as using a normal road. They are fantastic in a sticky situation getting away from the storm.

Regardless, when you have the mod you want to be equipped with, driving for 500 meters will get you the Prowler skin in Fortnite. That's all you need to know about mods and the quests involved!


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.