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Fortnite Kamehameha Ability - How To Get And Use

Fortnite's collaboration with Dragon Ball brings new cosmetics, quests, and Mythic Items. Learn how to get and use the Kamehameha item.
Fortnite Kamehameha Ability - How To Get And Use

Epic Games is notorious for its collaborations with other games, TV series, and even influencers. Following the widely-adored event between Fortnite and Naruto Shippuden, Epic Games charms anime lovers' hearts again with its latest collaboration with Dragon Ball. The Fortnite x Dragon Ball event introduces new features, including quests with free rewards, purchasable outfits, and much more.

On 16th August 2022, Epic Games unveiled a trailer for its Dragon Ball event. The video highlighted all the available cosmetics players could acquire and the newest Mythic Items usable in Fortnite. And after being removed from the game for some time, the cosmetics have returned in the V23.30 update. 

Those Mythics are Son Goku’s signature move Kamehameha, and his trusted method of transportation Nimbus Cloud, also known as Kintoun. This guide will teach you how to get and use the Kamehameha Mythic item in Fortnite.

How To Get & Use Kamehameha Mythic Item

fortnite dragon ball event mythic items kamehameha nimbus cloud
The new V20.30 update will see the return of the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud. (Picture: Epic Games)

Like most Mythic items, they’re usually only available during a limited-time event (like the Avengers event featuring Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet). Mythic items wield immense power as either a method of damaging players, defending yourself, or moving around the map rapidly. 

The Mythic items featured in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event serve as a way to obliterate enemies and destructible objects like buildings and traverse the sky.

kamehameha mythic item offensive damage item
The Kamehameha Mythic Item is an offensive Item dishing out explosive damage to anything in its path. (Picture: Epic Games)

The Kamehameha item is an offensive Mythic, allowing players to charge up power and unleash it in one direction, destroying anything in the wave’s path. When unleashed, players can slowly steer it in any direction.

To get the Kamehameha Mythic item in Fortnite, players will need to keep watch over the skies as the item will drop from the sky in capsules as the match goes on. Upon finding a capsule, you must interact with it to unlock both the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud Mythic Items.

Using the Mythic is much easier than finding the Item in Fortnite. Players need to charge up their Kamehameha and simply direct it toward an enemy to unleash a devastating blow. The Mythic item can be used on the ground and in the air, and it will kill anyone upon direct impact. So, it's best to be careful when facing a player using it.

numbus cloud mythic item traverse fortnite map
The Nimbus Cloud Mythic Item helps players traverse the map in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

From there, you’ll be able to manifest your super Saiyan powers and journey as a Dragon Ball fighter in Fortnite while eliminating your enemies using the Kamehameha item.

Feel free to watch Fortnite's official gameplay footage highlighting the latest Mythic items below.