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Fortnite leak reveals Disney+ offer: How to get two months Disney+ for free

A dataminer has unearthed details of a special Fortnite and Disney promotion, giving players the chance to get two months of Disney+ for free.
It seems Fortnite and Disney’s crossover will stretch to promotional offers, with a datamined leak revealing how players can receive two months Disney+ for free. 

Following the latest patch, dataminer VastBlastt on Twitter uncovered details of the offer - which claims any purchase from Fortnite’s Item Shop until 31st December will grant you two months free of Disney+. 

It’s important to note this offer hasn’t been made official yet, so hold back the V-Bucks purchases for now, although it’s likely developer Epic Games will set it live very soon. We will update this page when it becomes official. 


 This joins a growing number of collaborations between the two companies, with Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars both represented in Fortnite over the past couple years - starting with Thanos having his own mode back in 2018. 

It’s a decent time to become a Disney+ subscriber too, with The Mandalorian season two having recently started, while the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is also set to arrive later this month. 


How to get two months Disney+ for free with Fortnite

Disney and Fortnite are teaming up again (Picture: Disney)

According to the leak, players will be able to receive two months of Disney+ for free by making any purchase from Fortnite’s Item Shop until 31st December. 

It’s also claimed there’ll be special “lower prices” in store for Fortnite users too, although they have yet to be detailed. 

The offer hasn’t gone live yet or been made official by Epic Games, although it’s expected to be announced very soon at this link

It’s still unclear whether current subscribers of Disney+ will be able to capitalise on the offer too. We will update this page when an official announcement is made.